Downtown Circle: a futuristic urban design

It is not the first time we have seen ambitious design concepts for Dubai, but this one takes the crown. Designed by ZNera Space, the so-called Downtown Circle creates a sustainable, self-sustaining urban center that surrounds the Burj Khalifa.
ZNera Space

Downtown Circle depicts a sustainable, 550-meter, circular city surrounding the monumental Burj Khalifa. With a total width of 3,000 meters, the structure appears to float above the city's skyline. 

With sustainability in mind, the Dubai-based architecture firm has ZNera has given new meaning to urban design. The mixed-use complex aims to provide an efficient alternative to traditional high-rise buildings. Downtown Circle will consist of five levels, divided into smaller sections for housing, for example, as well as public, commercial and cultural spaces. 

A so-called Skypark will provide the necessary greenery and is sandwiched between the two rings in the sky. The park is the focal point of the structure and offers clean, fresh air, plenty of light and panoramic views of the city. Anyone who thought it would be bone dry in the middle of the desert is wrong; inside the Skypark, different types of vegetation will be recreated such as: waterfalls, swamps and sand dunes... In Dubai, anything is possible and nothing is too crazy. 

A futuristic transportation system with suspended pods should provide transportation from A to B in the city.