The exclusive documentary from Filling Pieces

In ten years, Filling Pieces grew from one shoe to a world-famous fashion brand. To celebrate the brand's tenth anniversary, Filling Pieces is now releasing the exclusive documentary Bridging the gap. The documentary is not only a celebration of existence, it also addresses serious social issues. Text: Fleur de Jong
Image: Filling Pieces-Bridging the Gap

Started in his parents' garage

Founder tells from his role as entrepreneur, son and husband Guillaume Philibert Chin his story and the steps he had to take Filling Pieces make it successful. With the documentary, the makers want to show which values ​​are important to the brand and founder Guillaume. For the founder, it all started in 2009 in his parents' garage in Heemskerk. Guillaume wanted the Low Top, narrowing the gap between high-end fashion and streetwear fashion and making beautiful, luxurious shoes accessible to every group in society. This mission has been the starting point within the company ever since and still underlies the choices the entrepreneur and designer makes. The various influences in fashion, culture and design form the basis of the success behind the brand. 

Bridging the Gap discusses the current global crisis, but the viewer also gets to see how Guillaume and his team respond to burnouts and stress.  

flagship store

In addition to the launch of the documentary, Filling Pieces will also open one in honor of its anniversary in July flagship store in the center of Amsterdam. Not only will the collection be for sale at this location, but the shop will also serve as a location for design workshops and a place where conversations are organized with other entrepreneurs, fashion lovers and other creatives. Just like in the documentary, themes such as inclusivity, mental health and art will be paramount during these conversations. At 300 square meters, the store will be the largest of the brand.  

The documentary can be viewed on the Filling Pieces YouTube channel.