André Lammertsma knows absolutely everything about interiors, architecture and good service. “It is my mission to go a few steps further than customers initially dare. So they can say, 'Look, this is us. But we would never have thought of it that way and never dared to do it ourselves.'”

Time to ask about the trends, most beautiful design pieces and surprising customers at Co van der Horst.

Expertise from A to Z

“When I started here 20 years ago, Co van der Horst was a kind of home furnishings store with beautiful brands. We soon discovered that it is much more important to offer the total package. That is exactly what we are doing now. With so much expertise in-house, we can help customers from A to Z.”  Due to his background as an interior architect, Lammertsma is often quickly involved in housing wishes. “It sometimes even happens that an architect has to adjust his drawings. For example, because I don't think it is acceptable for a house worth 1 to 2 million to have a master bedroom that barely fits a double bed.” According to the expert, good architecture has to do with the sun and seasons. “That you get up with the sun at breakfast. That there is not just glass, but that there is also security in the right place. The whole must be in balance.”

Avant-garde Design

Lammertsma's workplace is in the department “Avant-garde Department”. This goes further than traditional thinking. “Designers like Christoph Delcourt, Tom Dixon and brands like Arflex dare to mix materials and colors.” Lammertsma considers himself very fortunate to work among all the beautiful design pieces. “Although for me luxury has nothing to do with a price tag. It's about the attention paid to a product. You can see it in the finish, the love for the material.”

For example, in the avant-garde period in the 20s, the material straw was used. It was glued on, sanded, varnished and sanded and varnished again. The material itself costs nothing. But to process it so beautifully, it takes so much time, love and attention. I think that's really luxurious. If you want to buy an original Art Deco item now, it is seriously expensive. I also have a chair from Tom Dixon, which is made with seagrass. It is a very precise job to apply this in 3D to the frame. I appreciate the craftsmanship. Seagrass doesn't cost anything, but it's about attention to detail.”


We ask him about our country's sensitivity to trends. “In the Netherlands, trends are picked up very quickly. For example, the industrial style was embraced for a while. There, both vintage furniture and fake vintage furniture were used in a fairly bare interior.” According to Lammertsma, something like this passes quickly. “I think it's a shame when people copy from a picture. Take a look at how you really want to furnish your home.” Nowadays people look around internationally again. “They realize that things could be a bit more exciting. Interiors are decorated warmer. That is more difficult, because you have to dare more and work in a measured manner at the same time. You see many mixes of colors and materials. For example, we apply silk wallpaper on top of each other so that you get a surface division. You will also see different colors of marble, glass and mirrors.”


According to Lammertsma, customers are always surprising. “The customer who is sitting here with a second-hand vest that he bought for seven euros on King's Day, gets into his four-wheel drive Porsche a little later. You can't estimate it all like that.”

Now you may be curious about Lammertsma's most beautiful projects... “I have done beautiful projects, such as four-star hotel suites in Amsterdam. Or a complete project in Rwanda, Africa. We had to prepare well for the two-week realization. Everything had to be packed in a shipping container. After all, you couldn't even buy extra tools locally. I have also once furnished a house for two art collectors. They did not want to use black, white or gray. Yet the house had to radiate tranquility. My first proposal was quite daring and even though the couple was very different, they immediately said “yes” without looking at each other. Moments like that are magical.”