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The are the most expensive music rights ever sold

The music investment fund Hipgnosis Songs is currently in a heated dispute with its investors. They want to market the catalog of more than 65,000 songs even within six months in order to cash in on part of their invested capital. That selling it can bring in quite a bit of money is proven by the following examples: MASTERS lists the most costly ones.

However, one deal is not the other; a song consists of different types of rights. The first right relates to the songwriting, these are the rights of the song's writers, the publishing rights are the rights to release the song and the master rights are the rights that belong to the official recordings.

5. David Bowie 

In 2021, David Bowie's next of kin sold the rights to his entire oeuvre. Warner Chappell Music, a subsidiary of Warner Music Group, paid about €220 million for it. 

4. Sting

The winner of 17 Grammy Awards, ranked an impressive second in Forbes rankings of highest-paid entertainers in 2022. This achievement was the result of a remarkable deal worth over €263 million in 2022, in which he transferred his entire catalog to Universal Music Group.

These include some of his most iconic hits, including "Roxanne," "Every Breath You Take," "Shape Of My Heart," "Fields Of Gold," and "Desert Rose''. Future royalties on songs are also part of the deal.

3. Phil Collins & Genesis

In September 2022, The Wall Street Journal reported that the legendary British band Genesis, consisting of Phil Collins, Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford, had transferred their valuable publishing rights to the Concord Music Group in a deal worth more than 300 million.

The deal included not only Genesis' work, but also Phil Collins' solo albums, including "No Jacket Required" and "...But Seriously!" Also included were the releases of Mike & the Mechanics, another band Rutherford was involved with.

2. Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan is undoubtedly a musical legend. One of only two individuals ever - and the only living person - he has been awarded both an Academy Award and a Nobel Prize. 

Bob Dylan sold the copyrights to his entire catalog to Universal Music Publishing Group in 2020. It involved over six hundred songs and was the largest acquisition of music rights ever in 2020. What the music company paid for it was not disclosed, but The New York Times cited an estimate of converted €247 million. 

But Dylan was not done yet: in July 2021, he signed a second remarkable deal, this time worth several million euros. He sold the master rights to his music to Sony Music Entertainment. 

1. Bruce Springsteen

In 2021, the American singer sold the publishing rights, the intellectual property over the lyrics and melodies used and the master rights over all his recorded music. Several companies were in the race for the rights, but Sony made the highest bid. In total, Springsteen would have received about €440 million from the music company.