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Which colors dominate in 2021, will the trend be minimalist or excessive, which fabrics will prevail? The country's most authoritative interior designers shed light on the near future.

Online editor: Natasha Hendriks

Monique des Bouvrie

“Interior, just like fashion, reflects a time. Now we are in the middle of a crisis due to the pandemic, which gives rise to creativity in different forms. Some fashion houses, which respond to the desire to escape from reality, come up with fairytale designs; others return to basics, to clean and pure lines. This is no different in the interior. In these uncertain times we want to escape to our homes where we seek safety and warmth and celebrate the simple, pure things in life together. Walnut wood, stone, jute, leather, soft fabrics with structure and earth/terra tones will be widely used in the interior in 2021 to support this purity. So, in my opinion, the basic characteristics for 2021 are: craftsmanship, sustainability, vintage, art and, the most important, character. And honestly, I hope this continues for years to come.”

Piet Boon

“Studio Piet Boon specializes in combining craftsmanship and timeless design. This is reflected in everything we do, from exterior and interior to styling and product design. A design cannot only look beautiful, it must also provide comfort and add to the space. That functionality and practicality has been in our DNA, since day one. The importance of sustainable, timeless design and quality products is self-evident to us. We notice that more and more people are realizing the beauty of craftsmanship and are better able to appreciate its value.”

Robin Sluijzer

“My 'sustainable' journey started on the beach. Looking out at the beautiful Dutch dunes, my view was polluted by the appearance of the beach houses. I imagined beach houses that respect the environment and add a sense of luxury to beach life. In this spirit I found EcoCabins. Together we presented the first Tiny Villa with sustainable timber construction and green energy supply at MASTERS EXPO 2019. Resulting in the MASTERS Award for most sustainable stand and winning the Brainport Smart District business challenge with 'MyHome'. Sustainability, flexibility and collaboration will determine the trend of 2021. Within this vision, Studio Sluijzer also joins CooLoo and the Circular Canopy concept. Creating circular exterior and interior designs with high-end use of local waste flows is central. These are concrete examples of the sustainable cooperative vision of Studio Sluijzer, which wants to combine luxury and serenity with sustainability as part of the new housing movement.”

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