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Culinary entrepreneur Carsten Klint has a nose for gastronomic hotspots, new culinary initiatives and tasty addresses in the Benelux. Every Friday he is a guest in the podcast '1.2.tje MET YVES. The GYGS' where he gives away his 3 best dinner tips. This week these are De Kromme Watergang, Vermeer and De Groene Lantaarn. Photo: RJR Photography

De Kromme Watergang **

Carsten: “Edwin Vinke was raised with everything that comes from the sea and grows on land in the region. He is very concerned with nutrition and balance. If you eat his 20-course menu, you will leave the table feeling refreshed. Edwin treats his fish with passion and care, he even has them immersed and brine in a bath with seawater from the Oosterschelde. This way the taste remains fresh and the structure intact. In addition, he is always busy coming up with alternatives to meat, such as his famous smoked carrot. Restaurant De Kromme Watergang ** is located in the Zeeland village of Hoofdplaat, near Breskens and also houses a hidden bistro and cocktail bar that his son Tom is responsible for. Edwin's wife, Blanche, has carefully selected the furnishings and you can even stay overnight in the suite next to the restaurant, which is decorated entirely in white. Together with good friend and business partner Paskal Jakobsen (Bløf), Edwin also has a street food business in Middelburg: Hard en Ziel. A wonderfully no-nonsense, accessible and affordable concept. Paskal and Edwin recently launched their cookbook: 'Ruige Kost'. With the common thread, you guessed it: love goes through the stomach.”

If you want to reserve a table at De Kromme Watergang, you can here!

Vermeer *

Carsten: “The British-born Chris Naylor is a real vegetable king, there is even a greenhouse on the roof of the NH Collection Barbizon Palace Hotel where restaurant Vermeer * is located. Brexit has meant that Chris accelerated and finally became a Dutch citizen. And I don't think that was a problem for Chris, who is a fan of André Hazes (sr.)! Chris travels all over the world for NH to give presentations or support with new concepts or opening restaurants. The hotel group NH was taken over by the Thai luxury hotel brand Minor International last year. Chris recently also has a new general manager, Ludo de Jong, who previously made his mark at Krasnapolsky and then at NH Eindhoven. Vermeer's kitchen produces picturesque dishes and recognizable flavors, with vegetables in the leading role. The new design of the restaurant is warm, timeless and uses colors from nature. Really enjoy it at the head of the Zeedijk opposite Amsterdam Central Station!”

If you want to reserve a table at Vermeer, you can here!

The Green Lantern **

Carsten: “Jarno Eggen and his wife Cindy have just moved the restaurant De Groene Lantaarn ** from Zuidwolde to Staphorst. Where possible, Jarno works with organic and regional products and has further expanded his herb and vegetable garden, using many ingredients from his own garden. But he does not limit himself only to those products and that is why you will also find influences from all over the world in his kitchen. His dish with pigeon, which he served during the pop-up restaurant M at Masters of LXRY, is legendary. Just stand there for 140 place settings and pass on perfect doneness and taste! Jarno and Cindy worked for Martin Kruithof and his wife Marjan de Jonge in De Lindenhof ** for years and gained experience before starting their own business. An ambitious but no-nonsense culinary couple and even prize winners of the international prestigious cooking competition Copa Jerez in Spain, where dishes had to be combined with sherry. The restaurant borders a beautiful garden where you can eat with a view of the mill. By the way, Jarno has a soft spot for Ajax and nice cars. I still remember a photo of him sitting next to Max Verstappen in his car. How did he arrange that again? His answer is as down-to-earth as he is: 'by buying an Austin Martin'.

If you want to reserve a table at De Groene Lantaarn, you can here!

Every Friday at 17 p.m. Carsten unveils 3 new culinary hotspots during the podcast '1.2.tje MET YVES. The GYGS'.

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