Longest suspension bridge in the world opened in the Czech Republic

After two years of construction, the world's longest suspension bridge recently opened in the Czech Republic. With a length of 721 meters, the SkyBridge 721 one where daredevils can enjoy walking in the air with a phenomenal view of the retina. Text: Patrick Stoffer The suspension bridge was opened on May 13, 2022, making it officially the longest suspension bridge in the world. It is not recommended for people with a fear of heights, as the bridge dangles 95 meters above the ground. Sky Bridge 721 connects the peaks of Kralicky Snezník Mountain, a ski resort in the north of the Czech Republic.

The 1,5 meter wide suspension bridge is one-way for pedestrians. If you want to go back, you have to follow a path of two kilometers to get back to the starting point. You don't have to be afraid of falling. The Sky Bridge 721 is suspended from six strong cables with a tensile force of approximately 360 tons per cable. The two-year construction resulted in a bridge weighing 450 tons, of which 158 tons were cables and 20 tons were auxiliary structures.

New record

De skywalker At 721 meters, it is officially the longest footbridge in the world. The previous record was held by the 516 Arouca Bridge in Portugal. This bridge has a length of 516 meters and hangs 175 meters above the Paiva River.