CW Rustiekbouw takes the lift door fireplace to a new level

FROM July 8 to 12 is Hotel Okura Amsterdam the scene of MASTERS VERNISSAGE. At the small-scale version of MASTERS EXPO, about thirty exhibitors will show their finest and best craftsmanship to visitors. CW Rustiekbouw is one such party that will amaze visitors, with the automatic glass lift door fireplace. What is that? We'll show you that now.Text: Patrick Stoffer
Image: CW Rustiekbouw

The gem at CW Rustiekbouw is the self-designed lift door fireplace, where the fireplace is equipped with a sliding glass door that goes up and down with a remote control. With this product, the company shows that it looks beyond the applicable standard and that everything can be tailor-made.

Afraid that you will fall asleep while the stove is on? A lift door fireplace offers the solution: a fireplace that can be closed by a sliding glass plate. It gives a safer feeling, because the flame can be behind the glass and provides more efficiency. It will not get too hot quickly, because the glass is protected against 1300 °C.

Until now, the lift door fireplace was available in fixed dimensions and the glass plate could only be moved manually. At CW Rustiekbouw they thought it was time for innovation and they thought ahead. That is where the automatic lift door fireplace was created. No more unsafe situations, such as splashes from the wood fire on your beautiful floor.

An automatic glass lift door fireplace is available for antique and modern design fireplaces, for wood, gas and bio-ethanol fueled fireplaces. You can find more information about the automatic glass lift door fireplace here.

Photo: CW Rustiekbouw