Culimacy: wooden cuisine with Japanese influences

Culimaat collaborated with interior designer Guy de Vos to create a unique kitchen design. The kitchen is located in an impressive penthouse completely framed by glass. This allows the residents to enjoy generous daylight and in addition, it also allows the outdoor environment to enter the home. The kitchen is a work of art in itself....

A fantastic panoramic view is enjoyed from almost every room. This is also the reason that the living room and the wooden kitchen are situated on the outside; the view thus becomes part of the total living experience. The final kitchen design is based on the interior design that Guy de Vos had in mind. Culimaat made a design-technical translation of this and then realized it. A unique in its (kitchen) kind where besides the design, the experience comes to life.

Japanese influences

As you move into the kitchen, you immediately recognize the Japanese influences that were central to the design of this wooden kitchen. Most striking in this space is the large cabinetry made of rich bamboo wood and the meter-long kitchen island that was largely made of natural stone; quartzite to be exact. This conscious choice of materials gives the kitchen a natural look. In addition, the kitchen features a sushi bar that was also made of wood. This makes it seem as if the bar is part of the solid block. Therefore, all the elements within the kitchen really form a whole.

The cabinet wall

To further bring the oriental feel to life, the cabinet walls were given black handles with a rounded shape. Moreover, all luxury kitchen appliances were beautifully incorporated into the wall, so that this wooden kitchen not only looks impressive, but also has everything to offer in terms of functionalities. What you might not expect is that two entrance doors were almost invisibly incorporated into the same wall.

Relaxing and inspiring

Spacious glass windows that are characteristic of this home are part of the wood kitchen. They keep the design from becoming too dark and manage to emphasize the natural aspect of the kitchen even more. They also provide access to an attractive terrace in a similar Japanese atmosphere. The decoration, the cast floor and the subdued color palette reinforce the fine and calm feeling of the kitchen. As a result, the living kitchen is certainly as relaxing as it is inspiring.