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Compact & catchy

Mobile phones are getting bigger and better. But… where do you put him? This certainly applies to ladies. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 provides a solution. “The size is half the size of my normal phone and fits easily next to my lip gloss, car keys and earphones in a small crossbody bag. Really great!”
John van Helvert | Model: Mical Joseph

“It's always another one stream: where do I leave my cell phone when I go out to eat, have a drink or go out? I find a no go in the back pocket of my skinny jeans and if I wear leggings or a short skirt it is completely impossible. So I am almost obliged to wear a jacket or take a large handbag that will fit it. And you don't always feel like doing that. With the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4, that struggle is a thing of the past. The size is half the size of my normal phone and fits easily next to my lip gloss, car keys and earphones in a small crossbody bag. Really great! The 'Flip' is not only compact, it is also catchy and feels luxurious thanks to the sleek finish. I usually opt for a black device, just basic, nothing to complain about. But I like this color purple, it's something different. It is also available in blue, gold and gray. And you can also go for the 'Bespoke Edition', then you can choose a color combination yourself. I also see the phone call as a fashion item. He attracts attention. Especially when I'm sitting at a table in a restaurant or bar and it's unfolded in front of me at a 90-degree angle. Because how convenient: you can simply make hands-free video calls and selfies!

“The Galaxy Z Flip4 has two cameras on the back: a main camera and a wide-angle lens. It is not the device with which you will win the biggest photography prizes, fine for a snapshot, but the cameras are not very special. However, it excels at night, because it is equipped with the Night Mode function for the best quality photos in the dark. This also applies to the selfie camera. With its 10 megapixels it is fairly modest, but thanks to automatic post-processing and a better sensor you can take good selfies even in low light. And for me that is a huge plus. In my gallery you will mainly find photos of friends and selfies, memories of fun happenings. For me, the Flip is not so much a photography device, it feels much more like a super social device. My 'walking buddy' with whom I spend long nights. It is literally and figuratively flexible and very suitable for taking photos or videos from all kinds of angles, both from the front and the back.

“The Flip attracts attention. Especially when I'm sitting at a table in a restaurant or bar and it's unfolded in front of me at a 90-degree angle.”

Best of both worlds 

“Folding the Flip remains special and offers you the best of both worlds: unfolded a large 6,7-inch screen, folded a handy device. When closed, the 2,1-inch cover screen shows date, time, weather and incoming messages. So you don't have to open your phone for every notification. To a certain extent you can operate the device with the cover display. This way you can view notifications, respond quickly to messages with standard replies, pause music, start the timer, view your calendar and call your contacts. Also useful: you can take and hang up calls by opening or closing the phone. What I particularly like about the Galaxy Z Flip4 when unfolded is its 'laptop mode', where the two parts of the device are at an angle to each other. The so-called Flex Mode divides the screen into two parts. On the bottom part you will find the controls, while videos and photos can be found above the fold. This is still especially useful if you use the camera, for example if you want to create Stories or Reels for Instagram – you don't need a tripod. Multitasking works well, you can use multiple apps at the same time. I can easily switch from Instagram to QUIK or InVideo. In any case, the phone works quickly, despite the amount of apps I have on it. And the battery does not drain quickly: I can easily make it to the end of the day, er... night! The Galaxy Z Flip 4 is a great device: beautiful, luxurious and social. Definitely recommended for anyone who, like me, makes a lot of self-recordings.”


This article is from MASTERS MAGAZINE. The winter issue of MASTERS was created in collaboration with Jordi van den Bussche. Many will know him as YouTuber Kwebbelkop, but he has been working hard as an entrepreneur for some time, as he explains in the Great Interview. What is new is that his company JVDB Studios offers to do social media marketing and short format content marketing for other companies. “They can also figure it out themselves, but we cracked the code.” Jordi gives a platform to like-minded entrepreneurs such as Jay-Jay Boske, Demy de Zeeuw, Chahid Charrak and Marcella de Bie, and discusses developments surrounding games, crypto and NFT: “Just as bitcoin turned the financial system upside down, will that also happen with gaming.” This extra thick winter issue also focuses on Lengers' first own ship, an interview with Corendon CEO Atilay Uslu, specials about the new BMW 7 Series and Samsung foldables, and - exclusively for MASTERS! – an interview with Max Verstappen.

MASTERS #52 with guest editor Jordi van den Bussche