Coachella weekend? This is what it will cost you

Coachella is preparing for its second weekend of celebration, where celebs, influencers and well-dressed festival goers will roam the grounds. The social media messages are flying around your ears, because there are plenty of influencers on the festival site. But do you also want to party in the Colorado Desert this coming weekend or start preparing for next year? This is what a Coachella weekend will cost you.

During the second and third weekend of April, the Californian Colorado desert in Indio will once again be transformed into the festival mecca: Coachella. This year marks the 23rd edition of the most famous festival in the world. Many celebrities walk past and literally everything is pulled out for the music festival, where everyone does their utmost to come up with a spectacular outfit. This year's headliners are Lana Del Ray, Tyler, The Creator, Doja Cat and NO DOUBT. The festival also has a Dutch touch. The Dutch DJ Reinier Zonneveld and the DJ duo ANOTR are here at the turntables. With an average temperature of around 38 degrees, the ultimate festival feeling and the best artists, it is guaranteed to be a weekend for the books.

And what does that cost?

The festival takes place two weekends in a row, this year from April 12 to 14 and from April 19 to 21. A day of Coachella is not possible, so it will be a mandatory weekend party. A weekend ticket will cost you $499 (€470) in the first phase and $599 (€563) in the final phase. The ticket gives you access to the grounds and campsite for three days (not included). There is also a shuttle service that takes you from the site to various locations around the site. Costs for entrance with shuttle service? $619 (€582).

You can also choose to tour the festival grounds as a king. With a VIP ticket you get access to the festival and all VIP areas. In these areas you have access to the better food and drinks, air-conditioned toilets, shaded areas and various bars. For this you pay $ 1069 (€ 1.005,77). With an average of 38 degrees during the day, but cold in the evening, an extra piece of clothing is recommended. The festival has lockers ($79 / €75 for three days) on site for this purpose.

And of course you also need a place to sleep and recharge for the next day. The campsite is close to the entrance, where most of the party crowd settles down. The campsite is divided into two parts: the Car Camping and the Tent Camping. At the Car Camping you can park your car and set up your sleeping place. This will cost you $149 (€140). Don't want to rush and are guaranteed a good spot at the entrance? Then the festival offers a Preferred Car Camping ticket worth $375 (€353). For the spot of 4,5 meters by 3 meters, you pay $ 149 (€ 140), just like the Car Camping. Here you can stand with as many people as possible and put up as many tents as you want and fit. This ticket includes a parking ticket in the general car park, as no cars are allowed at the Tent Camping.

Do you prefer glamping to camping and a bit more luxury? Lake Eldorado is a few minutes' walk from the entrance. A place with wooden houses and tents, where you will find a concierge service, mirrors, charging stations, luxurious toilets and showers, fine bedding and parking spaces. Not entirely unimportant to look good. For a wooden cabin for two people you pay $3.198 (€3.004) and for the VIP cabins $4,338 (€4.075). You can also install yourself in a tent on Lake Eldorado with four people. Cost? $4,196 (€3.942) for a regular tent and $6,467 (€6.075) for a VIP tent.

From $3,099 (€2.911) you can also sleep three or four nights in a selected hotel, get access to Coachella for two people and use the shuttle service.

The ultimate Coachella experience? The Safari Campsite. This includes four nights' accommodation, entrance to the festival, guest passes including access to the VIP areas, a golf cart for transport between the campsite, the festival and the stages, private bathrooms and a private parking lot with 24-hour security. Costs start from $11,000 (€10.033) for two people.

And then of course you also have to fly there. From Amsterdam you fly to Palm Springs in about 14 hours. This will cost you approximately around €1.877.

That's how much you have to pay for a weekend of Coachella

One thing is certain: you can at least open your wallet for Coachella. For an entry-level Coachella ticket (regular ticket, locker flight ticket and camping) you pay a total of € 2.562. For something more luxurious (VIP ticket, locker, stay in Lake Eldorado and plane ticket) you can easily pay around €5.961,77.

Of course, this doesn't include your spectacular outfits for three days and the refreshments at the festival, which aren't bad either. At Coachella you pay around €24 for a double vodka with Red Bull, €22 for curly fries with chili and cheese, €60 for two burritos and two coffees, €21 for a bowl of noodles with chicken and €71 for three alcoholic drinks (canned).