In MASTERS GALLERY, art works of prominent artists are highlighted weekly. Self-taught artist Chris Luka can express himself in his free work and imaginative paintings. As soon as he starts painting, he lets go of the awareness of time and space. His work has a quiet and meditative feel to it, with a golden edge.

Text: Larissa Schaule Jullens
Image: Chris Luka

Hatred is blind as is love

"Emotions that blind. It's an interesting theme that has been floating around in my head for a long time. Feelings that can touch and change you at the most unguarded moments. The inner world in which you are sometimes completely absorbed. With this piece I tried to visualize these feelings as neutral but powerful as possible. In the end, it's up to the viewer what he or she sees in it. Fish often appear in my work; to me they symbolize the flow and fluidity of life. Thoughts passing by, coming as fast as they go. Gold leaf, fineliners and watercolor are the basic materials with which most of my works are created."

The alchemy within

From the ones we let go into the ones we now hold, hardships into friendships like lead into gold.
"A phrase that came in while creating this piece. It inspires to see how people can turn negative changes into something positive; the ability to turn bumps into slides, obstacles into opportunities. This piece breathes both strength and vulnerability. That, in my opinion, makes it extra special."

Betta Hail

"Betta" (a reference to Betta Fish, the beautiful Siamese kemp fish) and "Hail" (storm, a stormy creature). A duo dance of two fish during a strong water current of liquid gold. This work has been created exclusively together with the buyer. We started a process together in which we combined specific preferences and creativity with this work as a result. The size and colours were specially adapted to the space where the piece now hangs. An impressive diptych of 170 x 170 cm, connecting a lively interior with an impressive gallery. Most of the artworks are finished with epoxy resin or liquid gloss which gives a refined result and protects the works for a long time."
Take a look at the website of Chris Luka here.

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