Cheers to royal moments: Royal Salute shows 'Royal Salute Time Chamber' of €120.000

Originating in Speyside, Royal Salute was created in honor of the British monarchy; the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. Scotch whisky, carefully composed. At MASTERS EXPO the whiskey house presents the second edition of its Art of Wonder collection: the 'Royal Salute Time Chamber' by Conrad Shawcross. Worth €120.000…
Royal salute

The Art of Wonder collection is a unique series of limited edition blends, focusing on collaborations with visionary artists. Inspired by the art of the whiskey blending process, for each edition a new artist is invited to design a bottle as a tribute to creativity in art and design. 

Only one on the Dutch market 

The second and latest iteration within this series has resulted in world-renowned sculptor Conrad Shawcross's masterpiece, highlighting the link between the concept of time in the world of visual art and luxury whisky. The result, combines a hand-spun glass disc with a crystal decanter and is designed to represent the many dimensions of time. The artwork, worth €120.000 and in an exclusive edition of 21 units worldwide, of which only one copy reaches the Dutch market, contains a 53-year-old Scotch whisky. This rare copy will therefore make an appearance at MASTERS EXPO. 

This refined blend, expertly composed by Royal Salute Master Blender Sandy Hyslop, nods to the year 1953, the year in which Royal Salute was founded. With whiskeys at least 53 years old, carefully chosen and matured in a mix of European and American oak barrels, time also contributes to the rarity of the blend. The result is an exquisite profile, with rich, fruity notes on the nose, a bouquet of juicy berries, rich toffee, toasted almonds and spicy stem ginger on the palate, and a long, sweet finish with a hint of spice.

MASTERS EXPO – The Magical Edition 

Curious about purchasing options or would you like to admire the rare Royal Salute Time Chamber in real life? Royal Salute can be found in page 11 op stand number 430. Order your tickets here.