Electric city car on the road from 2023

From 2023, small electric cars will become increasingly common in cities. The Dutch startup Squad Mobility presented the Squad: city cars that run on solar energy. Text: Patrick Stoffer
Image: Squad Mobility The car looks like a golf cart and charges itself using solar panels attached to the roof. The cars are perfect for driving around the city at a speed of about 45 kilometers per hour. The solar panels provide a range of 20 kilometers, but with portable batteries you have an additional range of 100 kilometers. Ideal for driving to your favorite restaurant or shop.

It is the first type of car presented by the start-up since its founding in 2019. The Squad is easy to operate, drive and park. The latter is ideal if you live in a busy city where finding a parking space is not exactly easy. The light electric vehicle takes up 2,4 square meters and diagonal parking is also possible. You pay €7.500 for the Squad and you can cruise through the city as a couple. Through the city with your 'squad', so to speak.

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