With an innovative vision of lighting and creating spectacular designs, it is Maretti Lighting's lighting architecture that takes interior design projects to the next level. Originality, atmosphere and technical capabilities contribute to a stunning end result.Text: Larissa Schaule Jullens
Image: Jurrit van der Waal | Serge Hagemeier | Peter Baas

Light is the mood creator

Every interior is a personal blend of styles, in which lighting sets the mood of a house and actually creates a home. A beautiful, furnished home begins with the creation of an interior design, of which a lighting plan is a large part. Thanks to innovative creations from Maretti Lighting's own design studio, clients' wishes and personal tastes can be translated into original designer lighting. The lighting is also connected to a lighting control system, which can be easily operated with a wall panel, phone or tablet. The end result is number one at Maretti Lighting. It is their mission to use lighting architecture to highlight spaces and interior items in such a way that they are shown to their best advantage and to create the perfect ambience. Light is the crowning glory of the end result of an interior design.

Exclusive design

During the past 25 years Maretti Lighting has worked with many parties with whom prestigious projects have been realized worldwide. For Dutch leading interior designers Maretti Lighting produces in its own factory and designs the lighting plans for their own interior projects. The overall picture is lifted to a higher level by applying unique custom fixtures, resulting in a superior interior experience.