In the section THE ONLY WAY IS UP focuses M focuses on startups that have the courage to present a new idea to the world and achieve great success with it. This week the spotlight is on BridgeFund, which makes it possible to provide loans to entrepreneurs without the intervention of banks. Text: Patrick Stoffer
Image: Bridgefund

BridgeFund, bank-free financing

BridgeFund bridges the gap between the stagnant capital of successful entrepreneurs and working capital for entrepreneurs. The money comes from entrepreneurs who invest it with us, making a bank unnecessary. The money from the provider can be in the account within 1 hour after approval. MASTERS spoke to CEO en Founder Julian van de Steeg about the success, mission and purpose of this innovative startup.

Started from the bottom and now we're…

“We started at the end of 2018 and our team now consists of more than 50 employees. We have currently provided more than 50 million euros in financing to more than 2.500 entrepreneurs. In addition, we receive approximately 1 billion in financing applications per year. This big difference is due to our strict (data-driven) assessment process of the creditworthiness of entrepreneurs. Providing financing responsibly is essential. A loan should of course help an entrepreneur further.”

Best tip you've had?

”Create a strong team and don't underestimate the value of a culture. Make the entire team part of your challenges and you will be surprised what you can achieve together.”

Why do you think you are so successful?

“We listen extremely carefully to our customers and bring together the interests of entrepreneurs and investors in a super simple way.”

Why didn't I think of that?


What would you do with 1 million?

“Our investors let us know that there is (unfortunately) slightly less space available in the fund.”

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

“Alternative financing is slowly starting to become mainstream. Various FinTechs are working to provide financing in a smarter way. We go one step further by also obtaining funding in a smarter way and also meeting the needs of this side of the market with an attractive return. With technology and open banking, we bring the supply and demand of money together through our platform. We are not a conduit for the bank and we can rightly say that we provide bank-free financing. This is very scalable within European borders and that is where we will be in 5 years.”

Interested in investing or looking for a business loan? Then visit the website BridgeFund.


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