Book week incoming…

It's that time of the year again. No, not Christmas, but the annual Book Week. The theme of the 89th edition of the book festival is 'In our family'. Want to delve into the books next week and stay a bit in the theme? These family titles can be devoured in no time.

Book Week was created in 1932 to inspire as many people as possible to buy books. Every year a theme is linked to this week and this year it has the theme 'In our family'. Organization CPNB, which is committed to enriching people's lives through reading: ''Everyone is part of a family. Everything is family, although sometimes family is not everything and you can also lose each other. Think of family and the stories flow. Literature is therefore full of family stories. These books fit in perfectly with the 89th edition of Book Week.

The Camino – Anya Niewarra

The Camino won the NS Audience Award in 2023. The story is about 44-year-old chocolatier Lotte Bonnet, who has lived happily in South Limburg for years with her husband Emil, a former refugee from Bosnia. When her husband unexpectedly commits suicide while walking the Camino, Lotte is left devastated. When she travels to Bosnia eleven months later to scatter his ashes, Lotte discovers that Emil has lied about his identity. She hires a lawyer from Sarajevo to investigate his past, and he makes a shocking discovery. In the meantime, Lotte will walk the Camino herself, exactly according to Emil's route and planning. She wants to find out what drove him to his act of desperation. But someone is following her, someone who doesn't want her to discover the truth.

Everything that moves – Susan Smit

At the beginning of the last century, a world-famous dancer experienced the biggest upheaval of her life on the Dutch coast.

The American pioneer of modern dance Isadora Duncan defies the norms and laws of her time, both in her personal life and in her art. For the first time in history she dances barefoot and in loose robes, inspired by the movements of nature.

When she became pregnant by a married man, she retreated to a villa in the dunes of Noordwijk aan Zee for a few months in 1906. Hopefully unseen by the paparazzi, she wants to have her first child here in the Netherlands. As an unmarried woman, Isadora risks everything. She does this deliberately. She believes that a woman should be able to have children as she wishes and she wholeheartedly chooses the British theater innovator Edward Gordon Craig. She is free, but still gets caught up in her obsession with this man.

Tsinegolde's husband – Alexandra Terlouw-van Hulst

Moving novel about a harmonious family during the war years, largely true. When the Second World War breaks out, the daughters of engineer Tjalling Idsinga and Jewish violinist Tsinegolde Dobrowitz are 8, 7 and 5 years old respectively. Their life consists of school, music, crafts and pampering turtles. When people in hiding come to live in their house and more and more secrets have to be kept, the harsh, gruesome reality gradually dawns on the children. Tsinegolde's Man is a moving, gripping war novel told from the perspective of three girls and especially Chaja, the youngest, largely based on the author's childhood.

I promise you that I will live to be a hundred – Peter R. de Vries Royce de Vries

In the last year and a half of his life, Peter R. de Vries secretly kept a logbook. From the day he comes into contact with the key witness in the Marengo trial until the day of the attempt on his life (July 6, 2021), he reports meticulously and at times with humor about his role as Nabil B's confidante He talks about his role in the defense team that he formed with lawyers Peter Schouten and Onno de Jong, and the forces he was confronted with: the shocking way in which the Public Prosecution Service tries to thwart the defense team and the family of the key witness, and the battle with lawyers and certain 'friends of the media'. The logbook features Peter R., the public personality and crime reporter, the passionate fighter for justice. Parallel to this, we read about the family man Peter, committed father to his daughter and son, grandfather to his grandchildren, in the moving and poignant diary fragments of son Royce de Vries (1989), who makes his debut as a writer with this book.

Bloodline – Simone van der Vlugt

When Alkmaar is attacked for the umpteenth time, Katelijne tries to protect her brewery at all costs against the brutal violence of the West Frisians. She hopes that her secret love, King Willem II, can help by granting Alkmaar city rights. However, she is faced with a completely different problem when she turns out to be pregnant with him...

King William is involved in a power struggle and he does everything he can to subjugate the West Frisians. In the meantime, he becomes the father of two sons: the legitimate Floris and the bastard Alard.

After Willem's death, Floris feels obliged to finish his father's work, and Alard longs for recognition from the count's family. Floris' aunt, Aleid van Holland, meanwhile uses all her power to keep the lives of the young men strictly separated. When fate brings them together, they join forces to battle their enemies and save the family honor.

With Bloedlijn, Simone van der Vlugt wrote a beautiful story about power, love and family ties. Like no other, she knows how to visually describe the lives of the highest circles and those of ordinary people. The Middle Ages are coming closer than ever.