Brand new BMW iX shown at MASTERS EXPO

De Bmw iX was recently officially launched and displayed at MASTERS EXPO. With a range of 416 km, a power of 326 hp, self-healing materials, unsurpassed durability and unprecedented sporty driving pleasure, the new model was presented to the world, and with success. Get to know this latest model from BMW. Text: Patrick Stoffer
Image: BMWThe BMW iX is the car for the future. For the future, what does that mean? The BMW iX contributes no less than 45 percent less to global warming than a comparable SUV with a fuel engine over a distance of 200.000 km. In addition, no rare earth metals are required for production and production is done with renewable electricity and recycled materials. That is the future.

The minimalist – yet futuristic – design in particular stood out. Furthermore, the driving characteristics of the BMW iX were described as light-footed, despite the fact that the car is large in size. A huge compliment to BMW and its innovation.

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