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MASTERS selects 3 must-sees that you should not miss this week. Lose yourself completely in the blood-curdling series Kalifat, watch the brand new documentary GameStop: The Wall Street Hijack or immerse yourself in the world of the legendary sex club Yab Yum. Text: Fleur de Jong

GameStop: The Wall Street Hijack

This brand new documentary was released last week and gives an insight into the story surrounding the sensation that arose around game shop GameStop. The shares of this game store were worth almost nothing, but shot up after a group of small private investors on the discussion forum Reddit called for the purchase of shares. The investors wanted to put a stop to short sellers. The plan seemed to work, as Gamestop's share price rose by more than 1.700 percent! Large hedge funds never expected this and speculated that the shares would become less valuable, causing the big boys to lose a lot of money, some even almost going bankrupt. None other than Jordan Belfort, the real Wolf of Wall Street explains the absurd situation in detail in this documentary.

GameStop: The Wall Street Hijack is featured on Discovery+Photo: Hypebeast


About a real one binge watch series spoken; the blood-curdling eight episodes of the series Khalifat you will most likely watch it in one fell swoop. This Swedish series is about several women who all become involved in a future IS attack in Sweden in their own way. For example, Pervin is an IS bride who does everything she can to flee the IS area in Raqqa. Pervin believes that her husband is involved in plotting an attack and makes the life-threatening choice to approach someone from the secret service in Sweden. At the same time, the two teenagers Sulle and Kerime, blinded by love, do everything they can to get from Stockholm to the IS caliphate. By working together, these women must prevent an attack or will it be too late?

Serial Khalifat can be viewed on Netflix. Photo: Kalifat | Netflix

Yab Yum

This documentary can be seen from today on NPO 2 and NPO Start, the documentary tells the story of the legendary Amsterdam sex club Yab Yum. More than ten years ago, the brothel had to be closed after it was taken over by the criminal circuit. Footballers, royals, film stars, they could all go about their business in the exclusive brothel, without the adventures they experienced ending up in the tabloids. Former employees such as bartenders and sex workers tell their stories. Photo: Yab Yum