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Admire Flokje van Lith's Secret Garden

Flokje van Lith, a contemporary artist, has received worldwide recognition with her photographic artworks, awarded numerous international prizes. She has created a new series exclusively for MASTERS EXPO: 'Secret Garden', in which she presents tranquil portraits of flowers.

Image: Flokje van Lith

A magical scene unfolds in 'The Hallway', where a dreamy woman stands in the middle of a deserted hallway. However, this intriguing work of art is just a taste of what Flokje van Lith has to offer… She worked on a new series for MASTERS EXPO; 'Secret Garden', tranquil portraits of flowers. She always shows the beauty of one flower. A true eye-catcher for an interior. "I love that when you look at the photo up close, you see special details, after which you can zoom out again and take it all in," says the artist. 

Attention is key to beauty 

Flokje's strength lies in capturing the moment where essence and emotion come together. She takes her time during photo shoots, because according to her attention is the key to beauty. However, her working process goes further than that. In Photoshop she paints with light and spends weeks on each piece until a serene calm is created. 

In addition to her autonomous work, the artist also offers commissioned portraits, in which she captures loved ones, children, partners or even an entire business team - individually - in a unique and personal way. Flokje shares her experience: “During a photo shoot of two tough twentysomethings, they are initially still very concerned with how they will appear in the photo. By taking the time and connecting, that special look is created. When the client then looks at the end result with emotion, that is very dear to me.” 

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Admire the new collection of Flokje van Lith Atelier during MASTERS EXPO – The Magical Edition in the hall 11, stand number 940. Curious? Order your tickets here.