Bertram Beerbaum shapes villas at The Mayor

One of Holland's most famous designers, Bertram Beerbaum, shines his light on the design of the villas of high-end residential location The Mayor. Beerbaum and his team from interior design and architecture firm Kabaz put themselves in the shoes of the future residents and gave the villas international allure.

"A penthouse 2.0! That, in my opinion, is how the villas in The Mayor are best described. They offer the best of both worlds. The grandeur and charm of a penthouse, but with a garden and a second floor. Looking at the floor plans, I immediately noticed how wonderfully wide the villas are and that the bedroom floor is nicely proportioned in size to the space downstairs."

An interior that suits how you live

"My design focuses on epicureans with an international and busy lifestyle. Once at home, you want quality time. Where better than in the kitchen or at the dining table to catch up? While one person cooks, the other gets a good wine from the air conditioner. This is also the place where you flip open the laptop, dine for hours with visitors and have breakfast with the whole family in the morning. Plenty of liveliness. The generous width provided opportunities to design a living kitchen that is the lively heart of the house. The sitting area was given a much more modest role. This is where you relax at the end of the day. Just a quick Netflix or read the news before you go to bed. Therefore, in my opinion, this space should be intimate. A place to nestle in."

Wake up in your own hotel suite

As the image of the first floor begins to take shape, we are curious to know what kind of feeling he wants to bring to the floor with the sleeping quarters. "Here it is quiet, almost serene. This is in contrast to the kitchen, which in functionality and atmosphere offers a nice continuation of the dynamics of the day. I gave the spacious master bedroom its own dressing room and bathroom en suite. The bathtub is separate in the space, creating the feeling of a luxury hotel suite. After all, that's what these people deserve every day."

The Bertram touch

Bertram creates characterful interiors where the interior provides a powerful backdrop for art and conversation pieces. A good example is the fireplace that forms the transition to the living room at the entrance. Talk about entering in style, then... The fireplace as a divider is an element that he recurs more often in the villas. "By placing a fireplace freely in the room you give places intimacy and emphasize the grandeur of the space."

As we speak, he is still pondering the styling. "I envision a dark color palette with subdued clay tones and a richness of natural materials. Floors, walls and ceilings may be the same color. Let the subtle play of light, art and large pieces of furniture do their work. And very important, we extend this style to the terrace where you sit outside in privacy until late in the evening. Boundaries may blur in such a case, so that the outdoor room really becomes part of the house."

The villas of The Mayor are now on sale. Can you already see yourself living here in top-level design? Then schedule your appointment here.