BASH is ambitious: a billion-dollar bid from Facebook is one day lurking

M bet The Only Way Is Up startups on stage that promote an innovative idea and make life just that little bit more convenient. As events get closer it's time to plan, and here comes party app BASH look around the corner.Text: Patrick Stoffer
Image: BASHThere is light at the end of the event tunnel again. We can carefully plan parties and events again. Do you only use Facebook to alert yourself to events? Then it can go straight into the trash. Joris Oudejans created the app BASH, where you can not only invite people, but also post messages and updates. MASTERS spoke to the founder of the party app, founded in 2020, about its success and the future.

Started from the bottom and now we're…

“Since we started last July, we have a live and well-functioning product, a team of eight with various qualities that match a modern tech startup and an initial investment that should bring us to a Series A round. We are eager to conquer the Netherlands this year and then immediately conquer the rest of the world, as soon as the pandemic allows."

Best tip you've had?

''Focus is everything. Ultimately, there is only a small subset of factors within your company that significantly influence the chance of success. So make sure you put 80% of your time and resources into improving those factors."

Why do you think BASH is so successful?

''The reason we have come this far is certainly the team. There was some turnover at the beginning, in a more uncertain phase, because ambitious and young people with scarce skills simply receive a lot of great offers. But we are now rock solid, with all the necessary skills on board and with enormous mutual trust.”

Which company/service would you have liked to come up with yourself?

''I think PayPal is one of the best examples of how you can completely revolutionize an established market such as payments using newly created infrastructure (internet/email). In addition, the success of PayPal clearly shows how you can grow consumer products from the product itself."

What would you do with 1 million?

"Everything towards growth: €800.000 towards digital marketing, the rest towards offline promotions."

What bids have there already been for your company?

''We have a lot of interest from parties who want to invest, but we are now focusing on growing during the upcoming period event-tree. Then we have to raise enough growth capital to become the largest in the world. We expect that any time a billion-dollar bid from Facebook.”

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

''Then we are the market leader for organizing private events all over the world. In addition, the leading larger events such as festivals and concerts are on BASH."


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