Balmain Hair unveils the new sensation in the beauty world

As part of the well-known fashion label, Balmain Hair has more than 50 years of experience in combining hair products with the latest catwalk trends. A small tip of the veil: hair perfumes are the upcoming sensation in beautyland. Especially for MASTERS, the hair expert reveals the most recent innovations on the market, including a look to keep it completely up to date.
Balmain Hair
Balmain Hair

In honor of its 50th anniversary, Balmain Hair is celebrating this year with a novelty: three brand new hair perfumes. Designed to provide a unique and seductive scent that enhances the essence of your hair while nourishing and protecting it. And as we are used to, not designed by the first person. No, the fragrances were developed by Niche Fragrance Award-winning Cécile Zarokian.

Confident and charismatic

Vetiver 1974 is a refreshing blend of grapefruit, delicate flowers, earthy vetiver, cedarwood and nourishing balms. Excellent for people who embrace their confident and charismatic nature, appreciate elegance and sophistication and enjoy the interplay of vibrant freshness, floral elegance and warm sensuality. A unisex fragrance with a slightly more masculine side. According to Balmain, a beautiful, sleek and straight hair look fits here like Naomi Campbell wore during the closing for the Balmain Men's Fall/Winter 2024-2025.


The hair perfume Cardamom 1974 is a refined hair perfume with an excellent blend of cardamom, fresh lemon, warm vanilla and fruity blackcurrant. Another unisex perfume with a subtle feminine nuance. Ideal for lovers of complexity, refinement and a balanced scent. A perfume for those looking for a luxurious and enchanting scent experience. According to Balmain: 'A suitable look is the low ponytail look with bangs. Exactly the refinement that matches the perfume.'

Balmain silhouette

Ginger 1974 is inspired by the Balmain silhouette. The result? An elegant, opulent, structured and seductive perfume that draws an olfactive Balmain silhouette around the wearer. With a blend of sharp ginger, powerful spruce balm, rich gourmand notes, soft suede and pure white musk, the strong character will be noticed by everyone. The Ginger 1974 is complimented by a romantic curly bob look: 'This look shows a confident and daring side.'