Fit and healthy, but still can't get rid of your last bit of fat? Then come and see us at Kazem Aesthetica . The new CoolSculpting Elite from Kazem Aesthetica makes it possible to get rid of stubborn fat quickly and permanently.

Text: Patrick Stoffer
Image: Kazem Aesthetics

Kazem Aesthetics

Your skin just that little bit tighter, get rid of that one annoying wrinkle or make that last roll of fat disappear that you just can't work out? Then go to Kazem Aesthetics. The luxurious aesthetic clinic offers various non-surgical and surgical treatments to pamper you.

CoolSculpting Elite

Owner and plastic surgeon doctor Farid Kazem is no stranger to the profession. As a market leader and pioneer in the field of plastic surgery, he has introduced several treatments in the Netherlands, such as CoolSculpting in 2009. This treatment removes stubborn fat by means of freezing. With his extensive knowledge of CoolSculpting he trains other well-known plastic surgeons around the world.

Kazem Aesthetics is the first clinic internationally to be able to perform Allergan's CoolSculpting Elite, which is based on the proven and safe CoolSculpting technique. This new technique improves the fit and offers more comfort through the new shape of applicators. The applicators in this treatment freeze and eliminate fat cells even more effectively by fitting to existing shapes.

The FDA-approved treatment lets you treat visible fat bulges faster in as many as nine different areas of the body, including the thighs, abdomen, flanks, bra edges, back fat, under the buttocks (known as banana rolls), upper arms and double chin.

Want to know more about this treatment and more about plastic surgery? Then visit the website of Kazem Aesthetica.

The eye wants something too, they say. This futuristic and luxurious trailer is not only a true eye-catcher, it is also completely sustainable and electric. This ultra angular, drop-shaped model has a lightweight design and is especially made for smaller vehicles. Let's take a ride!

Text: Fleur de Jong
Images: Polydrops


The luxury trailer looks a lot like a NASA space capsule. But it's a so-called teardrop trailer from the American company Polydrop. In designing this new P17A model they looked at how towing the trailer reduces the range of an electric vehicle. This P17A reduces the range of an electric vehicle by about 20%; with other trailers this is often much higher, namely 50%.

This futuristic trailer contains a sleeping area with a bed of 120 cm by 190 cm and storage compartments above the footboard. There is also a kitchenette at the rear of the trailer.

Futuristic camping trailer

Off-grid with the futuristic trailer

Winter or summer, it doesn't matter. Because of the solar energy and the insulated walls it is possible to travel all year round with this eyecatcher. The weight of this teardrop trailer is only 520 kilos, which means that even with a small car you can tow it.  

The company Polydrop offers four versions of this model. You have the basic model with a bed, drawers, cabinets and space for a cooler. But for a bit of luxury while camping, it is better to go for the K-20 model. This model offers besides the kitchen also a refrigerator/freezer, a two burner stove, a sink and a ventilation system. 

On the roof of the Polydrop is a standard solar panel of 260 W, but there is also a panel of 520 W available. With one battery it is possible to have an off-grid period of 6 days, during which 3 hours a day the air conditioning or heating can be switched on, 4 hours a day the LED lighting can be used, 10 hours a day the refrigerator and 7 hours the bluetooth speakers. 

futuristic trailer

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What if you are sisters and business partners? Then you become a member of MASTERS League together. Chantal Hoex and Marion Alders run interior design studio Strakk together with their brother. From a brand new staircase to a sustainable total interior: Strakk turns dreams into reality.

Text: Larissa Schaule Jullens
Image: Strakk

Family for all

Chantal was a florist and Marion worked in the pharmacy of a hospital. Now, in 2021, the sisters are at the head of a successful interior design company. "51 years ago, our father founded the construction company. I was the first of the three to join my father's company, and then my brother followed. We employed a carpenter who built kitchens in his spare time, and that's how the idea was born to build our own kitchens. The kitchens were followed by the interiors, and the interiors were followed by a takeover of a local fine carpentry business. From then on, we split up: my brother the exterior, me the interior. That is, my brother has the two construction companies House and Hoex Bouw. Hoex Bouw does the major work and House builds the luxury homes . The interior, the inside, that is the branch of my sister and me", Marion says.

Eye for detail

When the designer who worked in the company at the time left, Marion thought that this creative function could be assigned to her sister Chantal. "According to my sister, I was the most creative person in the family, and when she asked me if I wanted to join the company, I didn't have to think twice. I took the plunge, and I changed my career from florist to designer and salesperson. The switch was easy, because as a florist you already have a good eye for detail. This did go a bit further, but because of the internal drive, I made it my own. I particularly enjoy the intensive client contact. I enter their home, and the click that can arise from that is special. People tell me a lot of things, and that allows me to really put the soul into the interior," says Chantal.

Customization & Trends

The company now has 57 employees, and everything that the Strakk team produces is manufactured in their own workshop. Creativity can be felt in every design and everything revolves around surprising customisation. Chantal and Marion are always up to date with the latest interior design trends. "We work a lot with the top designers in the Netherlands. They send us the latest trends. Because we make everything ourselves, we see if we can develop something innovative using certain techniques."


Membership in the MASTERS League is a special privilege. This year, we have room for a selected number of members and will handle registration on a first come, first served basis. The exclusive business club is part of MASTERS HQ and brings with it pleasant and special privileges, making networking one of your favourite pastimes. Do you think you fit the profile of a MASTERS Member? Mail Then send your application to Mical Joseph and maybe in 2021 you can call yourself a MASTERS Member!

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Ordering food, whipping up an easy peasy recipe and having the same drinks every time: we could all use some foodspiration. MASTERS presents the three best food trends in order to get back that missed Friday night fever.

Text: Larissa Schaule Jullens

Private dining

Are you a real gourmet, does the lack of culinary enjoyment only get bigger and do you have a kitchen? Hire a star chef! On the Star Chefs platform you will find many renowned chefs, and all of them have at least one Michelin star to their name. Create a unique gastronomic experience, in your own home, taken care of from A to Z. If you like to be surprised, it is possible to leave the choice of chef to Sterrenchefs. If you prefer to stay in control, there is an extensive 'menu of choices' in chefs and corresponding menus. An evening full of culinary highlights, exclusivity and taste sensations. Are you planning to go all the way? You can! Choose one of the additional service options, such as table decoration, music, a dishwasher or a waitress.

Eat, drink, sleep, repeat

In need of a special experience, away from home? The hidden pearl Suitehotel Posthoorn in idyllic Monnickendam meets all requirements for a short, culinary trip. The twelve luxurious suites offer warmth, comfort and luxury, taking your night away to a higher level. The Posthoorn has a Michelin star to its name since 2008 and is one of the culinary hotspots in the Netherlands. Especially for the lockdown period Suitehotel Posthoorn has put together a great eat and sleep package. Enjoy a gastronomic 5 course dinner, including breakfast and hotel stay. Of course the restaurant is closed, so your culinary journey starts and ends in your luxurious suite. Good food, beautiful wines, in charming surroundings; what more could you ask for?

Le Food Walk Amsterdam

Is it the weekend already? Time for a city walk, including several visits to top restaurants! Foodwalks and city tours are becoming increasingly popular in Amsterdam, but Bar BAUT and yourlittleblackbook's Le Food Walk is the jewel in the crown. Every two weeks, one of Amsterdam's districts is transformed into a hub for culinary delights, great drinks and exercise. Last weekend it was the turn of district Zuid, and with a small group of people you walk from one delicacy to another . And all this while enjoying a matching glass of wine. Restaurants such as VanderVeen, De Gouden Ton and Jacobsz have already convinced the walkers of their culinary skills, and next weekend another walk is planned. So put on your sneakers and let's go... taste it!

This week the Amsterdam based artist Renee de Vries 'exhibits' her artwork at MASTERS Gallery. Inspired by sunny countries, new cultures and inspiring people, Renee creates the most diverse creations with her palette knife. Her works have made it to numerous exhibitions, including the Nieuwe Kerk and De Suikerhof in Amsterdam.

Text: Larissa Schaule Jullens
Image: Renee de Vries

Querida Katie, echa de menos a su familia

"This is my most recent painting: the paint is still wet, so to speak. For me, the subject of this painting is very special. I am currently staying in Curacao for a few months and this is where I met Katie. Katie is a young Venezuelan who came to Curaçao four years ago - legally, as a 'tourist' - to earn money for her children and further family in Venezuela. She did not return when she had to leave Curaçao again. And thus she remained on the island as an undocumented person. Illegally and with an expired passport. Working hard for her family. For four years she had to feel the loss of her children: this became heavier and heavier. There was no possibility of returning. Until last week: Venezuela agreed to a repatriation flight for 120 Venezuelans! The person who had been taking care of Katie for some time immediately went to work for her. The result? As I write this, Katie is in a hotel in Venezuela where she will stay for three days before finally returning home to her children and family. I wanted to make this portrait of Katie out of deep respect for her. I wish her all the happiness in the world and have found it a privilege to know her."


"This is my biggest canvas. An old one already, from 2000. It hangs in my home and takes up an entire wall. And I love this painting. I made it after I returned from South Africa, after visiting my sister. A country that is so beautiful it is almost impossible to describe. But of course also a country where apartheid played a role for so long. A country with a lot of wrongs, which made it hard for the biggest part of the population. But the joy and hope after Mandela 's release and after his presidential election, that's what I remember. People dancing in a field, colour, movement and more colour. I wanted to portray the feeling of freedom. And not bound to South Africa alone."

La Môme Piaf

"France: the cuisine, the language, the amazing Nouvelle Vague films AND The French Chanson, I love it so immensely. In 2016 I made four paintings of four - in my opinion - phenomenal French people. Jacques Brel, Jeanne Moreau, Brigitte Bardot and 'La Môme (Edith) Piaf'. All painted pasty with palette knives. And in shades of blue with an occasional small other colour accent. I have a thing about that. Portraits in blue. All shades of blue, anyway. Sometimes from grief about losing people I love a lot, every day, even though they are gone. A kind of periodic blue periods actually. So here is Edith Piaf 'en bleue'. For me this painting radiates her emotional strength. La Môme Piaf (the little sparrow) with the big voice! The four portraits I made have all been given a place in a restaurant (Chez Brigitte) in the South of France."

Spring is on its way, so this is the time to be more confident and comfortable. The CoolSculpting technique from Kazem Aesthetics is an easy, painless and ideal way to regain your radiance. Become spring-ready, with a little help from Kazem.

Text: Larissa Schaule Jullens
Image: Kazem Aesthetics

Total well being

Kazem Aesthetics is a luxurious, aesthetic clinic where you will be completely pampered. Sometimes it can be a big step for someone to give mother nature a helping hand. The highly trained staff at Kazem Aesthetica offers patients the best care, both before and after treatment.

Doctor Farid Kazem is a renowned plastic surgeon with a refined taste when it comes to beauty and wellbeing. He is known for his personal service, impeccable results and he can exactly assess what suits, or not, someone. He owes this to his many years of experience. Doctor Farid and his team strive for the best of the best: a 5-star service. The philosophy of Kazem Aesthetics is total well being: feel good inside, and outside.


Do you live a healthy life, do you exercise regularly, but just can't seem to get rid of that one fatty? Or do you have a busy life where there is no room for exercise? The CoolSculpting technique - first introduced in 2009 by Dr. Kazem himself - is a simple, unique and painless way to contour your body. The fat is frozen, making it disappear quickly. Many known - and unknown - people have been seduced by such a way of shaping their bodies.

Put yourself in the (spring) sun! Especially for the readers of MASTERS who can use a moment of pampering, Kazem has come up with a great promotion. If you book a CoolSculpting treatment in March, you will receive a Hydrafacial, worth €295 completely free. After the past year everyone could use that, couldn't they?

Coolsculpting Elite

Kazem Aesthetics is the first clinic internationally to be able to perform Allergan's CoolSculpting Elite, which is based on the proven and safe CoolSculpting technique. This new technique improves the fit and offers more comfort through the new shape of applicators. The applicators in this treatment freeze and eliminate fat cells even more effectively by fitting to existing shapes.

Kazem Aesthtetica

In addition to CoolSculpting, Kazem Aesthetics offers many other non-operative and surgical treatments. such as Thermage, Clear & Brilliant, EMSculpt, injectables, eyelid surgery and much more. After the signature, pain-free breast enhancement surgery, Kazem offers lifetime monitoring of the treatment performed. Total wellbeing is made a reality here.

The podcast can also be listened to via .

He is an entrepreneur, sports fanatic and member of MASTERS League. Remge Vink has conquered the east of the Netherlands with his gyms FeelGoodClubs AeroFitt and Anytime Fitness. How did Remge build this empire, what makes his clubs unique and how does he look back on the past year?

Text: Larissa Schaule Jullens
Image: Marc Evenhauz Photography

Winner's mentality

Remge Vink was only 21 years old when he decided to become an entrepreneur. Sports, and especially professional volleyball was an important part of his life. "Volleyball was really my world, I grew up with that. I realized - as I matured a bit - that unlike football, I couldn't earn much with volleyball. I focused on my studies and as a side job I taught as a volleyball trainer. One day, the alderman came to me and asked the question: why don't you start your own fitness centre here in the village? At that moment I immediately knew: this is it. Everything I wanted came together: people, sport, and the social aspect."

How to build an empire

"I come from a warm and loving family, but not an entrepreneurial family. I didn't have the means to start something for myself. Together with the bank in my village we sat down to discuss financing, and that was quite a challenge. After a year of hard work on a business plan and market research I unfortunately got the answer that the financing could not go through. Yes, there was one way the financing could be realized: if the house of my parents would serve as collateral. My parents are hard workers and we certainly didn't have a lot of money, so this proposal was almost impossible to come up with. When I decided to share this with my parents anyway, I got the following response: that's no problem, we'll do this then, right? From here the adventure began, and I knew for sure that I would do everything to make this a success."

Optimism = the key to success

After years of working hard to achieve his dream, Remge now has eight gyms in the East of the Netherlands to his name. Five FeelGoodClubs AeroFitt branches and three Anytime Fitness branches. The whole Covid crisis hit both Remge and his businesses hard. "Right before corona, in March 2020 I had opened three new clubs. Fortunately, I've been able to build up a buffer over all these years, so I'm staying afloat. I am a very positive person, and with me the glass is always half full instead of half empty. Through livestreams, corona challenges, a special drive true where you can get yourself measured, personal training and online nutrition advice, we try to keep our members moving. And yes, I too have had days in the past year when I thought: how to proceed. But I wouldn't want a healthy company to go under because of this crisis. Let's try to learn from it and come out stronger. It was an expensive lesson, but after Covid we are healthier and more innovative than ever."


Membership in the MASTERS League is a special privilege. This year, we have room for a selected number of members and will handle registration on a first come, first served basis. The exclusive business club is part of MASTERS HQ and brings with it pleasant and special privileges, making networking one of your favourite pastimes. Do you think you fit the profile of a MASTERS Member? Mail Then send your application to Mical Joseph and maybe in 2021 you can call yourself a MASTERS Member!

Merida Benelux has been the specialist in stylish, sporty bikes for over twenty years. From a light road bike to a mountain bike: quality, lifetime warranty and innovation are paramount. The Merida Reacto even won the Design & Innovation Award this year, and set a new standard among aero bikes.

Text: Larissa Schaule Jullens
Image: Merida Benelux

Since 1972

The intention to make only beautiful, high-quality products that enable everyone to reach their destination as comfortably as possible. That is what the three syllables of Me-ri-da stand for. Since 1972 Merida has been carrying out its mission with the intention of only producing high quality and beautiful bikes. Merida makes sporty bikes for every type of cyclist: from commuter to downhill mountain biker and from professional cyclist to recreational city cyclist.


Founder and pioneer Ike Tseng changed the face of the bike industry and established Taiwan as a world leader in bicycle technology. Merida Benelux continues to pursue the mission behind the Merida product name, delivering 1.5 million top quality Merida bikes every year. For this reason Merida even gives a lifetime warranty on the frames of the bikes. Whether you use a sporty electric bike, the lightest road bike, a mountain bike or hybrid model: you always arrive at your destination in style.

New generation of bicycles

Meanwhile, Merida's research and design institute is located in Magdeburg, Germany, near Stuttgart, where a team of specialists from various fields work together to develop the new generation of bikes. These include seasoned enduro mountain bike racers and ex-professional cyclists, as well as keen off-road adventurers and loyal commuters. In the development of the road bikes, the Merida Reacto and Scultura, there is of course close cooperation with the riders and staff of the UCI World Team Bahrain Victorious. This professional cycling team offers Merida the chance to constantly develop and innovate in terms of material; every year, tests are carried out in a wind tunnel to optimise the aerodynamics of the Merida bikes, and sprinters and climbers give feedback on the riding characteristics and comfort of the bikes.


The result is impressive: the Merida Reacto won the Design & Innovation Award 2021, and set a new standard among aero bikes in terms of weight and comfort. The first professional victory in 2021 on a Merida is now a fact: Phil Bauhaus sprinted to victory on his Merida Reacto in the final stage of the Tour de la Provence. In the same multi-day race, Wout Poels steered his Merida Scultura to fourth place in the general classification.

MASTERS League day it is! Unique Members with special stories are highlighted, with this week... Top lawyer Conchita van Rooij. Sexy-chic outfits, a striking Instagram page and an unprecedented winner's mentality: meet the divorce lawyer of Amsterdam.

Text: Larissa Schaule Jullens
Image: Corné van der Stelt

From scratch

She is 55 years young, has had her own renowned law firm in Amsterdam Zuid for exactly 17 years and specializes in the law of persons and family law as well as mortgage and foreclosure law. "Before I started my own business, I worked for eight years as a tax and financial assistant at a firm. I had studied Dutch law and wanted to focus not only on tax law but also on civil law. An opportunity presented itself to establish myself as a lawyer from scratch, with my own firm", says Conchita.

Not-done? Not anymore!

Conchita is different from your average lawyer. Stuffy? No, she's not. Stylish? Absolutely. Passionate? Definitely. A few years ago it was not done for most lawyers to profile themselves on social media, but Conchita drew a lot of attention with her sexy-business snapshots. "As one of the first lawyers I did profile myself on social media. Why did I do this? I wanted to show myself as a sexy, glamorous and intellectual woman. It was a conscious choice, and it worked. I reached 24,000 followers on Instagram and slowly but surely I started to portray myself as a brand. I have done many interviews, write columns (including in Mokum Magazine) and appear weekly on television (including in Life is Beautiful) and in 2015 I was named one of the most influential Blawgers of the year by Het Advocatenblad. Now you see more and more lawyers doing this."

Happiness is not for sale

Het leven van deze powervrouw straalt succes, kracht en geluk uit. “Ik voel mij geprezen met mijn kantoor, de goede mensen om mij heen en dat de zaken goed lopen. Ik word gelukkig van mijn werk, de schilderijen in mijn kantoor en van leuke cliënten. Ook word ik gelukkig van de andere tak die ik naast mijn werk heb, namelijk mijn lidmaatschap van Klachtencommissie Bureau Jeugdzorg, als lid van de klachtencommissie. Ik probeer het leven zo gelukkig mogelijk te betreden en ik prijs mij gezegend met wat ik heb.”


Membership in the MASTERS League is a special privilege. This year, we have room for a selected number of members and will handle registration on a first come, first served basis. The exclusive business club is part of MASTERS HQ and brings with it pleasant and special privileges, making networking one of your favorite pastimes. Do you think you fit the profile of a MASTERS Member? Mail Then send your application to Mical Joseph and maybe in 2021 you can call yourself a MASTERS Member!

A gastronomic dinner in your favourite restaurant or a refreshing cocktail on the terrace: we all yearn for it. Imagine for one night that you're not in the real world and enjoy a culinary evening in your own luxurious hotel room.

Text: Larissa Schaule Jullens
Images: De Kromme Dissel | La Source | Voltaire

The Kromme Dissel by Fletcher

In the middle of the woods of Heelsum is an oasis of tranquility, gastronomy and luxury. Star restaurant the Kromme Dissel and Hotel Fletcher have creatively joined forces. The attractive, gourmet restaurant is located in an old Saxon farmhouse from the 17th century. Led by chef Tonny Berentsen and Maître Sommelier Ronnie Brouwer you step on board on a culinary trip, starting and ending in a comfortable hotel room. Enjoy, together with your partner, classic French dishes and the best wines, composed by a team of professionals. An undisturbed dinner in pleasant surroundings, what more could you want?

La Butte aux Bois

With a view on the beautiful park-like gardens of National Park Hoge Kempen is two starrestaurant La Source in the Belgian Lanepen hidden. Chef Ralf Berentsen knows like no other how to make haute cuisine a unique, unforgettable experience. He lets the global flavors, cultures and influences come together in one kitchen. Combinations such as langoustine with massala and oysters with harissa, the true connoisseur with knowledge of flavors feels like a fish in water here. The luxury 5-star hotel La Butte aux Bois is situated next to the establishment La Source. Book a room, relax, let yourself be served to the doorstep and enjoy an evening out, but indoors.

Boutique Hotel Parc Broekhuizen

Star restaurant Voltaire and Boutique Hotel Parc Broekhuizen have invented the term timeless. Both are located in a historic, yet modern building on the Utrechtse Heuvelrug park. Luxury, gastronomy and hospitality under one roof. The especially attractive hotel consists of several chic suites where you can spend a wonderful night, or even weekend. The normally restaurant Voltaire is known for its warm, stylish decor, but the suites of Hotel Parc Broekhuizen absolutely match in terms of style and atmosphere. Voltaire's signature cuisine, led by Robert Poel & Thomas Diepersloot has led to a Michelin star in 2018. Using fresh, seasonal ingredients from their own garden or local suppliers, the chefs provide you with a high-quality experience. Enjoy a great menu with accompanying wines in your own suite.

Virtual furniture, does it really exist? Argentine designer Andrés Reisinger sold his digital life works through an online auction for half a million dollars. His creations are mind blowing.

Text: Larissa Schaule Jullens
Image: Andrés Reisinger

Virtual 3D spaces

Reisinger has spent his entire life designing the virtual furniture. Recently he made ten digital copies and within ten minutes his collection was sold out. What did it yield? Over half a million euros! The online marketplace Nifty Gateway saw a rush when the designer put his items online. The furniture, which ranges from a spherical soft pink table to a tubular armchair, can be placed in virtual 3D spaces or in games like Minecraft. Each piece can also be used in virtual and augmented reality apps.

Impossible objects

Reisinger calls his creations 'impossible objects', but some of his 'furniture' is also copied in real life. According to him, the demand was so great that he also wants to make real items. This is not the first time the designer 's virtual designs have appeared on the market. In 2018, he set the internet on fire with his version of The Hydrangea: a plush pink chair encased in 20,000 fabric petals. The object was so popular that he decided to create a physical version, which was eventually exhibited at the Montoya gallery in Barcelona.

Luxury fashion houses

Reisinger's digital furniture is also breaking through more and more at luxury fashion houses. Gucci, Valentino and Marc Jabos have even started making virtual garments so that gamers can dress their 'dolls' in expensive branded clothing.

Take the decoration of your coffee table to the next level with real eye-catchers of coffee table books. Dream away or leaf through them at your leisure. This touch of luxury is not only pleasing to the eye, but also to the mind.

Text: Larissa Schaule Jullens
Image: MENDO

AMSTERDAM the gloobles guide

An Amsterdam city guide in a luxurious jacket, designed by MENDO. The AMSTERDAM gloobles guide captures the energy and dynamics of one of the most vibrant cities in the world: Amsterdam. In this guide you'll find the most popular hotspots and most special undiscovered places for tourists and locals alike. The founder of the gloobles-guide, Stephanie van Rappard, provides the perfect inside information that you as an explorer of Amsterdam want to get. Whether you're in Amsterdam for a short business trip, on a staycation in your own city or visiting from the other side of the world, this book will help you get everything you need from the capital. From cycling and walking routes to the most delicious coffee shops. In addition to tips & tricks, the book is also a feast for the eyes. Dream away with beautiful photos of the locals, Dutch cuisine and the magical streets of idyllic Amsterdam.

Dior in Bloom

This unique book is a tribute to the floral inspirations in fashion and parfun of the fashion house Christian Dior. Dior in Bloom features a portfolio of rose portraits by renowned fashion photographer Nick Knight. Dior's famous first perfume, Miss Dior, was inspired by the lush gardens of his childhood home in Normandy. This was an inextricable link between his fashion and fragrance creations. Similarly, other fragrances were inspired by evenings in the South of France, his old country home and the Chateau de la Colle Noire, where jasmine, tuberose and May roses were grown. Flowers were also central to the designer 's fashion. From the women's flowers that inspired the New Look in the late 1940s, to the dashing ball gowns that followed him into the fashion house. Dior in Bloom contains beautiful photographs of the fashion brand and is perfect for flipping through on a lazy Sunday.

Erwin Olaf: I AM

Erwin Olaf belongs to the top of Dutch photographers. On the occasion of his sixtieth birthday the photographer presents the first comprehensive book of his own work. This special edition contains more than 240 photos from the past to the present. His unpublished series from Shanghai and Palm Springs also appear extensively in this book. His evolution over the past four decades is built up chronologically and the viewer can also become acquainted with his eccentric vision of image and photography. Erwin Olaf has mastered the art of photography down to the smallest detail, but nevertheless comments on his own work. Erwin Olaf: IAM, is an absolute must for the true photography lover.

The podcast can also be listened to via .

Special art works by prominent artists are exhibited weekly in MASTERS GALLERY. In 2002 Bas Meelker exchanged the business world for his greatest passion: landscape photography. Today he is one of the leading Dutch landscape photographers and his work is internationally renowned for its dramatic impact.

Online Editor: Larissa Schaule Jullens
Image: Bas Meelker

Summer vibes

"Emotion and feeling plays an essential role for me in landscape photography. Wherever I am, something has to happen to me. A feeling or emotion, aroused by the landscape, the beautiful skies, the atmosphere or the light. To experience a combination of those aspects at the same time is very rare. But with this photo it came close. It was a lovely warm summer evening near Hindeloopen at the IJsselmeer. Slowly the sun is setting below the horizon. The colours come to life and there is no wind at all. All I can hear around me are the birds and the soft lapping of the water. In the distance a car drives by now and then. The water of the IJsselmeer is a big mirror and reflects the beautiful light and colours in the sky. While I take a picture every now and then I am captured by the serenity and silence of the moment. You only experience moments like this once in a while. And I realize that. Landscape photography is all about dealing with disappointment and frustration. But once in a while everything falls into place. It's good that such moments are rare. Because that makes them extra special."


"This photo is special to me because it reminds me every time how special the Dutch landscape can be. That we don't have to travel all over the world to capture spectacular or special landscapes. The photo shows creeping ice on the shore of the IJsselmeer near Stavoren. In 2014 I won third prize in the International Landscape Photographer of the Year competition with this photo. However, this photo also caught the judges off guard. It looked so 'icy' that the jury thought the photo was undoubtedly taken in Iceland. And so it won the first prize in the category 'Iceland'. Of course everything was corrected, but it shows me how exotic the Dutch landscape still can look. Dutch light is not world famous for nothing. Finally the photo always makes me realize that as a landscape photographer you are more a weatherman/woman than a photographer. Anticipating and anticipating these kinds of conditions remains the biggest challenge for any landscape photographer. In the end, it's all about one thing: being in the right place at the right time."

The Long March

"This photo, titled The Long March, carries a special story with it. It was taken on the south side of Lauwersmeer National Park on the border between Groningen and Friesland. It is an area where you can still see the 'old' landscape of the former Lauwerszee (now the Lauwersmeer). Herds of Koniks and Scottish Highlanders graze in the area. On a cold, misty winter morning I walk through the area, looking for a suitable composition. In the distance stands a herd of konik horses. They are curious animals and as soon as they see me, a dominant mare decides to take notice. What follows is a surrealistic image. In a long line the whole herd follows the mare. They can't walk straight to me because of a ditch and they decide to take a detour. In a flash I realize what is happening and have just enough time to choose the right position, before they walk perfectly into my picture. The incoming lines in the field, the position of the lone tree and the row of Konik horses complete the picture. Everything falls into place. A few minutes later, the entire herd stands curiously around me. I just smile and know that I have experienced something special."

Take a look at the website of Bas Meelker here.