He visits restaurants so often that he habitually looks for the menu at the table at home. Culinary entrepreneur Carsten Klint knows better than anyone where to make a reservation. And since the restaurants are opening this week, it's high time to get into the mood... Text: Carsten Klint
Online editor: Natasha Hendriks

The Lindenhof**

Farmer's son Martin Kruithof ('the sailing chef') has been residing with his wife Marjan in their beautiful restaurant-farm with a large and beautiful garden for almost thirty years. It's something to be jealous of. After serving as a chef-soldier, he gained experience in the best restaurants in France and Germany and then realized their dream together with Marjan in Giethoorn in 1993. Two years after opening, it received its first Michelin star and the second followed in 2005. Corona or not, Martin keeps cooking. If you cannot dine in the restaurant, he will serve his dishes in one of the thirteen beautiful suites at the restaurant without any problem. When you make a reservation, also book sailing with Martin. He tells everything about the nature around the most famous water village in the Netherlands. Of course accompanied by tasty dishes and drinks. He also lets you taste various herbs and edible plants that he uses in his kitchen. You can't get any closer to nature. If you don't want to take the boat or car to De Lindenhof: you can also land there by helicopter!

De Bokkedoorns**

De Bokkedoorns in Overveen by Pascal Beeren is an evergreen in the Michelin star landscape with a super terrace in the dunes. Pascal took over from father John some time ago and last year completely renovated the restaurant. The banks did not immediately line up for that. Creative as the young entrepreneur is, he achieved this through crowdfunding: he managed to convince sixty regular guests to each transfer 5.000 euros and finance the renovation in this way. His guests get a return on their investment in, of course, top quality food and drinks in three years. A smart entrepreneur. Culinary responsibility is Roy Eijkelkamp, ​​who has been in the kitchen for over twelve years, the past four of which as chef de cuisine. As a 31-year-old, he managed to keep the two Michelin stars that have adorned the facade since 1991. Peter Bruins is inextricably linked to De Bokkedoorns. He has worked in the restaurant for over forty years and is an icon for guests in the field of hospitality and wine, and mentor for many hosts and hostesses he has trained. This did not go unnoticed by Michelin: he was honored with an award for his excellent work.

De Treeswijkhoeve**

In Waalre, close to Eindhoven, is restaurant De Treeswijkhoeve owned by Dick and Anne-Laura Middelweerd. The restaurant is located in a wooded area with a beautiful terrace. Dick has also been scoring for ten years with 'Trees for Home': a three-course meal, smart, healthy and easy to finish at home. Atmosphere and quality are central to Dick's kitchen, which has been awarded two Michelin stars since 2013. He gets his inspiration from traveling, often with his family, to distant countries such as Peru, Vietnam and Japan. That last trip probably also explains why he loves umami, the fifth taste next to sweet, sour, salty and bitter. Dick recently celebrated that he has held the title of Master Chef for thirty years, the highest attainable degree of professional competence for a chef in the Netherlands. He finds it extremely important to maintain his craft, but just as much to increase his knowledge and share it with young people. Dick also shares on paper, because after the success and fun of the temporary pop-up restaurant Gustaaf in 2015, with friend and singer Guus Meeuwis, they also wrote nice cookbooks together.