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In MASTERS GALLERY are published weekly art works by prominent artists. Astrid Huisman-Biemans makes bronze statues dance and paintings come to life. Friendship and solidarity are recurring themes and especially the essence of the beauty of life is emphasized in her work. Text: Larissa Schaule Jullens
Image: Astrid Huisman-Biemans

My favorite bag

“There she is. Confident in her elegant dress, looking around with one arm resting on her knee. She wears a charming bag on the same arm. The bronze sculpture My favorite bag evokes so much recognition. When did you sit with your bag on your arm and look around you? It is an everyday phenomenon: a girl with a large, mini, chic, sporty, casual, elegant bag. A going out bag, work bag, picnic bag, meeting bag... How extensive is that bag collection? Either way, she undeniably has her favorite bag. And this bag tells so much. What's in her bag?”

Join me for a cuppa

“Come and sit with me. Who are you? Whether you know me or not, it doesn't matter. I simply invite you. Cozy, I have several cups and saucers in my hand. Do you want coffee or tea? We can enjoy together and if you feel like having a conversation, we will talk to each other. If you want silence, that's fine too. Maybe it's just the two of us, or three or four people. I have more cups. The more the merrier. In short, this girl invites you and you can sit there as you are and as you want to be. This is a bronze sculpture. Sitting in all her freedom and in an airy dress. With her hair up, she sips her coffee and observes her surroundings. She is relaxed. Isn't that how you want to be invited?”

Silent moment

“This bronze sculpture allows the viewer to look, guess and discover. In her elegant dress with a long coat over it. Or is it a short coat? She's sitting there, looking around, under an umbrella. Or is it a parasol? She wears a summer mule on one foot and a boot on the other foot. She sits there for all seasons. With rain and with sunshine. She's looking for her silent moment. Her long legs are visible. Long legs are recognizable in my sculptures. Legs have the ability to move forward through life and having long legs gives you extra strength to move forward. In this I feel the future, confidence and can look ahead. On the other hand, I see long legs as an enrichment that not everything has to be perfect and that everyone can be who he or she is. Beauty lies mainly in imperfection. My images have their own personal signature due to their shape and structure. Movement and balance are recognizable characteristics in my images. Specific details of physical and mechanical movements are elaborated as if the images are in the moment of doing something.”

View here the website of Astrid-Huisman Biemans.