Art with a spatial meaning

Amsterdam's Joe Finch has managed to leave his mark on the moon as one of the artists in NASA's Lunaprise Arts and Humanity Time Capsule. Last week the capsule with the cosmic masterpieces landed at its destination: 'As an artist, I feel honored to be part of this groundbreaking mission to the moon'.
Joe Finch - The Rural Chaos - (Original: Grant Wood, American Gothic)

Image header: Joe Finch – The Rural Chaos (Original: Grant Wood, American Gothic)

In the universe, only a few human-made creations have made it outside the atmosphere of our planet. One of those creations is the Lunaprise Arts and Humanity Time Capsule, a spaceship that tells the story of human civilization through the eyes of 222 artists. On February 15, the capsule lifted off from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida, marking the first American return to the moon in more than 50 years. Exactly one week later, on February 22, the capsule landed on the moon's surface. The cargo? Digital works created by artists from literature, music and other fields.

Designed to last for millennia, the lunar archive will serve as an indestructible time capsule for future generations and help raise awareness of the shared responsibility we have as humanity to create a better future, especially in the area of ​​climate change. 

Joe Finch – Dredged Dreams – (Original: Hopper, Nighthawks) | Joe Finch – The Rapture (Original: Michelangelo, The creation of Adam)

Works to admire in Amsterdam

The capsule contains, among other things, the award-winning documentary Climate Refugees by filmmaker Michael P. Nash. But in the midst of the masterpieces also contains the work of Amsterdam-based Joe Finch: 'As an artist I feel honored to be part of this groundbreaking mission to the moon. In this way, together we can embrace our collective responsibility and take action for a more sustainable future, even to the farthest reaches of the universe.” 

The collection of impactful artworks has been exhibited worldwide at venues including Climate Week in NYC, COP28's Blue Zone, and NASA's launch gala on the night of the historic launch. No plans this weekend yet? The works of Joe Finch will be in the Abraham Art Gallery can be admired in Amsterdam on March 2 and 3.