Art deco shopping and sleeping

LVMH owner Bernard Arnault once thought he wanted his own hotel. That was Le Cheval Blanc in Courchevel, because he liked to ski there and could not find a hotel to his liking. A businessman through and through, he quickly turned this into a successful chain with branches in St. Barth, Saint-Tropez, the Maldives and since 2021 in Paris, on the top floors of the La Samaritaine department store, which he also just bought it and turned it into a luxurious shopping paradise in which only his own LVMH brands are for sale. Text: Ivo Weyel
Online editing: Mical Joseph


Le Cheval Blanc has 26 rooms, 46 suites and 1 apartment of 1.000 square meters, all decorated in an art deco atmosphere by Peter Marino, the man who also furnishes all LVMH stores. From every nook and cranny there are beautiful views of the Seine and the Eiffel Tower and the mansards of the city. If you are too lazy to press the button that electrically opens the curtains, your butler will do it for you.



The annual LXRY List 2022 booklet takes a look into the distance, where new opportunities dawn. Doing business with a view to a better world. Rewilding Europe is committed to saving lost animal species by making room for truly wild nature. And De Apostelhoeve is taking advantage of the warming by growing wine on the Limburg hills and gaining international recognition for it. In addition to these budding economies, attention is also paid to sustainable initiatives. Such as the new Tank Must from Cartier, a watch that runs on solar energy. And a lamp against light pollution. But the list also includes an over-the-top hotel stay in Versailles Palace. Après nous, le déluge? No, but there should also be room to enjoy and experience in the new world.