In his portraits, Tadej makes legends, icons and iconic brands or items come to life with bright colors and edgy motifs. The American Pop Art movement from the 50s is a great source of inspiration for the artist. From Tadej's studio on Spuistraat in Amsterdam, he works on various personal projects and commissioned projects for global campaigns of well-known brands such as RayBan. In MASTERS GALLERY Tadej explains three of his works.Online editing: Mical Joseph
Image: Art by TADEJ “I am very visual and am inspired by everything I see. That is why one of my characteristics is “the eye”. The language I speak actually expresses itself in bright colors and brushstrokes. In my works I always try to bring personal characteristics to life with a twist of my imagination. With the aim of making my clients happy and putting a smile on their faces. The creative and artistic element has been in me from an early age and is in my DNA. I studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Ljubljana (Slovenia) and later during my studies I further delved into more traditional graphic techniques, for example at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, Croatia. Not everyone in the Netherlands realizes it, but there is a lot of attention for art here, it is truly a paradise for me. Fortunately, the road led (successfully) to Amsterdam, where I now like to use not only older techniques but also modern ones and mix them in my work.”


“I donated this work last year to the Gabrielle's Angel Foundation in New York to raise money for cancer research. It was then bought by someone in Abu Dhabi, who liked the work so much that he immediately wanted a portrait of himself in my style. For this I always ask for a few different photos of someone as a reference to get a good idea of ​​the person. At that point in my career, I didn't expect anyone to send me pictures of themselves with Paris Hilton and Sarah Ferguson, but they did.”

When 9 becomes one

“My works often focus on portraits that I transform, to a limited extent, into one large work into a face. Last year I held a large solo exhibition with DJ icons in Pop–Art during Amsterdam Dance Event next to Soho House. This generated a lot of attention, several DJs even came to the exhibition. I am still very grateful to them for this, because it has had an enormous positive impact on my career. The sad thing is that the music, dance and event industry has been hit unprecedentedly hard by all the corona measures and with this work “When 9 becomes one” I want to show that although in reality many people (from the music industry) are now far apart , they can still be close to each other in a setting like this. It is a great way to create a large whole and work of art with individual portraits.”

Be Yourself Ray Ban

“Major brands have now also found me because of my colorful, striking designs. Partly because they provide a strong attraction. For example, at the beginning of this year RayBan asked me to work with the iconic model the Wayfarer for the Time To Create campaign. This campaign was set up during the early days of corona, with the focus on the fact that we are all more dependent on ourselves. I was asked to put a creative spin on this. Below you see a Dalmatian who dares to be completely himself now that he is doing puzzles at home with a RayBan Wayfarer on. The recurring theme in my works is that we should not always take ourselves too seriously and show our authentic selves. RayBan was very enthusiastic about the different designs and has used them in its marketing communications worldwide, had mouth masks made with this design, among other things, and has now also asked me to design additional new designs specifically for the Chinese market.”