World Design Awards: one of the world's most prestigious prizes awarded to the very best talents in architecture. Engineers, architects, students, designers and artists from all over the world compete for the coveted awards. MASTERS highlights some of the masterful winners of the World Design Awards in a row.Online editor: Natasha Hendriks

KUCZIA | Urban Design Concept

In large cities, the large number of walkways often leaves a negative mark on the city, ruining the overall impression of the city. The sustainable concept KUCZIA is designed to beautify existing pedestrian bridges in Chinese cities. But it can just as easily be applied to new constructions at any location worldwide. More than 80 specific designs have been created for different urban areas of the city. Solar panels have been incorporated into the design and the electricity can be used on site for lighting, elevators or escalators. Photo: Renderings Nomadd

Lars Gitz Architects | Residential Concept

Base Camp Lyngby (Denmark) is a socially interactive structure and will function as a sustainable, shared living community for students and seniors. The structure is inspired by the surrounding nature and the desire to bring people closer to nature and motivate them to interact with each other. Photo: Lars Gitz Architects

UArchitects | Institutional Building Built

Two existing schools in Maastricht are being merged to create a new school, IKC the Lucky Bird, to shape. This specific location was chosen to strengthen the weak social structure of the two neighborhoods and to introduce a new digital education system that teaches more about the environment, nature and sustainability. Photo: Daan Dijkmeijer

DNA Barcelona Architects | Hospitality Concept

DNA reveals Cocoon Hotel & Resort in Tulum, Mexico. This is a new concept for ecotourism and a great opportunity to connect with nature and community. It is inspired by the sea and the exotic forest. The project includes 3 residential and 2 hotel buildings with 204 apartments, 167 rooms and 16 private villas. Photo: DNA Barcelona Architects

LHA Architectural Design Co. | Public Building Concept

This project is located in the Wuhan East Lake High-Tech Development Zone, which is named Optics Valley of China wears. The design goal is to turn it into a national industrial zone of digital economy. Photo: LHA Architectural Design Co.