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As if a world is opening up for you...

In 2019, Samsung launched the very first foldable phone. Now three years later, this revolutionary development has reached a new peak with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4. “I carefully opened it and… I immediately fell in love.”
John van Helvert | Model: Patrick Stoffer

“Pretty much since there is no longer a cord on the phone, I have been using Samsung. I have had the entire Galaxy family in my pocket. Teething problems disappeared, the design became sleeker, the screen got bigger, just like the functionality, and the cameras... Almost every time I showed someone a photo on my cell phone, I was told: 'What good quality!' The Galaxy became my Hasselblad. When I got the chance to try out the Galaxy Z Fold4 for this edition, I drove to the Samsung Electronics Benelux office to pick it up the same day. I had previously 'felt' it in an electronics store at Schiphol. There he was chained up. Of course I had already heard of the fold-out model, didn't know what to think about it at the time, and now I had it in my hands for the first time. I carefully opened it and... fell in love immediately. As if I landed on another planet and a new world opened up before me. The size of the screen, the brightness of the image. The fact that this was possible: unfolding and closing a screen. The technical ingenuity: twice as many inches in a device with about the same size as my current Galaxy S20+.


“That first meeting lasted just fifteen minutes: I had a flight to catch. But now the Galaxy Z Fold4 lay wide open in front of me and I had plenty of time to get to know it. And to introduce it to friends and relations. Because one of the nice things about Samsung's new mobile flagship is that it is still relatively unknown. Everyone wants to hold it, sniff it, touch it... One of my friends even wanted to take a picture with it! An eye-catcher par excellence. But the Galaxy Z Fold4 is more than that. Not only is it an unprecedented beauty that you would love to be seen with, the device also makes your life even more fun. A very big advantage is that you can open multiple screens at the same time by dragging apps from the new taskbar to the large main screen. For example, you can have your mailbox, Twitter and Google Photos appear in split-screen. And drag an image from Google Photos to Gmail to send it as an attachment. Super handy! Just like the feature that makes it possible to set combinations of apps, so that you can open them with one gesture at the same time. Samsung calls the Galaxy Z Fold4 a 'multitasking powerhouse with ultimate performance' and that is no lie.

“I find myself almost always using the Galaxy Z Fold4 in an unfolded state. On the cover screen (6,2 inches) I scan the notifications that come in and sometimes respond briefly in a message. For almost all other tasks I prefer the main screen (7,6 inches), especially when it comes to typing with the Samsung Keyboard (I also type this text there). It also makes sense, I think: why small when it can be big? By the way, when you open the Galaxy Z Fold 4, the app you were using on the cover screen will automatically be magnified on the main screen - the device will immediately switch screens. One of the first apps I loaded onto the device was Netflix. I regularly travel for work, wait in lounges and stay in hotels. Then it's nice to sometimes lose yourself in a series. And wow, how wonderfully suitable the Galaxy Z Fold4 is for that! The colors on the screen are optimal, the brightness is high... And that fold in the middle? Honestly: you can see it, you can feel it, but it just doesn't stand out. Normally I save the really good series for my wall-sized screen at home, but I soon started playing my favorite entertainment on the unfolded screen as well.



“The combination of phone and tablet makes the Galaxy Z Fold4 handy. And certainly suitable for those who spend a lot of time working on communication and content. Plus it's a great camera. Or actually cameras, because it contains no fewer than five: a main camera (50 MP), wide-angle lens (12 MP), telephoto lens (10 MP) and two selfie cameras. The first three come directly from the Galaxy S22 and S22+ and, as I know from experience, deliver unsurpassed quality: vibrant colors and rich in detail. Although one visible improvement has taken place: the night mode has received a major upgrade, which benefits the exposure of images shot in the dark. For selfies, I recommend the 10 MP camera of the cover screen. The 4 MP camera under the main screen is not suitable for frame-worthy portraits and is better used only for video calling. Finally, what stands out about this giant among gadgets: the battery life. The Galaxy Z Fold4 never drained in one day. Even though I have put a lot of strain on it, including playing games, watching movies, browsing social media channels and listening to podcasts and music via the matching Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro. Because the whole family is not only in my pocket, but also in my ears and on my wrist. Do you want something really different, something progressive? Do you want to be at the forefront and be distinctive? Do you want nothing but the best for yourself? Then as far as I'm concerned there is no choice, at most in storage (256 GB, 512 GB, 1 TB) and color (beige, black, green-gray).”


This article is from MASTERS MAGAZINE. The winter issue of MASTERS was created in collaboration with Jordi van den Bussche. Many will know him as YouTuber Kwebbelkop, but he has been working hard as an entrepreneur for some time, as he explains in the Great Interview. What is new is that his company JVDB Studios offers to do social media marketing and short format content marketing for other companies. “They can also figure it out themselves, but we cracked the code.” Jordi gives a platform to like-minded entrepreneurs such as Jay-Jay Boske, Demy de Zeeuw, Chahid Charrak and Marcella de Bie, and discusses developments surrounding games, crypto and NFT: “Just as bitcoin turned the financial system upside down, will that also happen with gaming.” This extra thick winter issue also focuses on Lengers' first own ship, an interview with Corendon CEO Atilay Uslu, specials about the new BMW 7 Series and Samsung foldables, and - exclusively for MASTERS! – an interview with Max Verstappen.

MASTERS #52 with guest editor Jordi van den Bussche