Grand opening hidden and unveiling new Magazine

In intimate company and while enjoying the culinary delights provided by chef Marcel Heintzberger, glasses were raised during the grand opening of the new restaurant hidden. Still looking for a unique experience? MASTERS certainly recommends this hidden gem. At the same time, the new MASTERS Magazine was unveiled with Anna Nooshin on the cover. We look back with the official aftermovie...
Video: Celeste Filius | Image: RemiOnline

Unique food, unique location, unique stories and a unique offer especially for the readers of MASTERS... The menu of hidden features dishes with a French base, combined with influences from various corners of the world. With specially selected ingredients and balanced, fresh flavors, your taste buds will be surprised. The basic menu varies seasonally and can be expanded with à la carte specials as desired.

Until October 1, 2022, you get one culinary 5-course dinner for two people worth €70 offered entirely by restaurant hidden. Should you wish to take advantage of this unique offer, please mention the code 'masters35' when booking online . Indulge yourself for an evening and enjoy the surprising flavors.

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