A culinary experience of otherworldly class

How far would you go for an unforgettable meal? Perhaps 30.000 meters above sea level? Space travel company SpaceVIP joins forces with chef Rasmus Munk for an out-of-this-world culinary experience; on the edge of space…
Space Perspective

One small step for a person, a giant leap for… the Michelin world. The experience will take place aboard Spaceship Neptune. A large capsule that can take its passengers to a height of 30 kilometers thanks to a huge balloon. The launch date of this first carbon-neutral spacecraft is set for late 2025 and will depart from Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Chef Rasmus Munk from The Alchemist** restaurant in Copenhagen will provide the meal on board. According to SpaceVIP, the flight will last a total of six hours. During the culinary trip, participants have access to Wi-Fi and can even stream the entire experience live with friends and family back on Earth. Costs for this six-hour spectacle? $495.000 (€464.825) per person. This makes the meal the most expensive in history.


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Chocolate in the shape of a coffin

Munk is known for his idiosyncrasy. In his restaurant he repeatedly amazed his guests with inventive dishes that convey a deeper message. Think of chocolate in the shape of a coffin to draw attention to child labor in cocoa production or cod served with edible plastic as a powerful statement against ocean pollution.