A breath of fresh air in the perfume market: Luisa Jo – Wild Perfumery

With her Wild Perfumery concept, Luisa Jo brings a breath of fresh air to the perfume market. The brand's enchanting perfumes shone, among other things, in the exclusive goodie case of the Leading Ladies Lunch at MASTERS EXPO. Founder and perfumer Franziska Josteit proclaims: “My perfumes radiate tension, seduction and the power of nature. That's why my customers stand out in the crowd.”
Luisa Jo

Luisa Jo perfumes are true elixirs that not only enhance your unique personal body odor, but - according to their own words - also create a powerful attraction. Scents that know how to enchant. 

The secret? The brand uses the law of attraction from the animal world. The natural animal pheromones create magic. The perfumes are also extremely daring: the oil wraps you in a warm aura of smoky leather, accompanied by the scent of a warm fur. This scent melts into your skin and creates a lasting memory. 

Invisible accessory

According to founder and perfumer Franziska Josteit, her perfumes are guaranteed to be the invisible accessory to stand out in the crowd. 

As a member of the exclusive customer list, you enjoy a lifetime guarantee on repeat orders, personal delivery (if desired and possible), and participation in unforgettable perfume events. Would you like to experience this experience yourself? Or are you interested in a tailor-made perfume for your high-end company? Discover more at: www.luisajo.com