A bingewatch world will open up for you…

Have you finished all of Netflix yet? Wrong thought! With a number of ultimate life hacks you can enter the hidden depths of Netflix. The codes give you access to even more films, series and documentaries in categories that you normally don't see... Text: Mical Joseph

There is so much more

Because the streaming service works with a certain algorithm, you as a viewer only see series and films that resemble previous pictures. As a result, the variety is not really one-of-a-kind and you actually get bored of it quickly. Netflix places all its content in different categories and due to the algorithm mentioned, you no longer see these sections. It takes some searching in the depths of Netflix, but then you have something: the categories each have their own unique code, which you can enter yourself. These codes must be searched for in a browser, but you can of course continue watching on television afterwards.

Et voila

In your browser, go to https://www.netflix.com/browse/genre/. There are many categories, which is why MASTERS highlights a number of them for you. Do you like horror? Then search for suspense horror at 42023 and at 6998 for satanic films. Would you prefer something cozy? Comedy: rom-coms can be found on 5475 and foreign comedies on 4426. A good documentary more your thing? For example, search for political documentaries on 7018, sports documentaries on 180 and crime documentaries on 9875. Do you prefer home-grown films? The code 10606 takes you to Dutch films. This is just a selection of the extensive range that Netflix offers with the codes. You find here the whole list. Thank us later!