You shouldn't miss these trends this spring

Choices by DL is continuously working to translate the latest trends and developments into beautiful jewelry for the modern woman. The brand's founder and designer, Debora Huisman-Leeser, just returned from a trip to Dubai and shares some trends you shouldn't miss this spring. Let the sun shine...

“We recently started GASSAN Vintage, jewelry that exudes timeless class. Another trend: we still see a lot of yellow-red, but also more and more combinations of gold. Think of Cartier's Trinity line where yellow, white and rose gold go together in a playful way. Watches in the form of a bracelet or combined as a statement between several bracelets are also popular. Just like pinky rings, also called tartelletes.”


”While writing this column, I am on my way back from a trip to Dubai, where I gained inspiration. The Messika brand is very popular there. And especially the combination of vintage items on one wrist. Think of Panthère bracelets, Love and Just un Clou together. And preferably in yellow or rose gold. I also saw a lot of jewelry with links, combined with diamond links: this makes every woman's arm shine. This is precisely the theme of the new Choices by DL collection. We also have a beautiful collab with GASSAN 121 for this spring. A diamond frame that makes the classic rings shine even more. As far as we are concerned, the sun can shine!”

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