Scotch Whiskey Investments unveils MO ÒR collection in a magical way

In 2002, entrepreneur and founder Michel Kappen decided to follow his passion. He renamed himself The Whiskey Talker and traveled throughout the Netherlands with his lectures and tastings. Scotch Whiskey Investments is now the world's largest asset manager in Scotch single malt whisky. On the impressive stand, the company magically unveiled MO ÒR. A collection of refined single-cask Scotch single malts.

Under the eye of the audience and a magical presentation by Victor Mids, the  MO ÒR collection unveiled. MASTERS talked to founder Michel Kappen. 

Michel, the stand looks impressive!

 'Yes thank you! Already 22 years ago I started Scotch Whiskey with a lot of passion and that we have grown so big and are here with our stand and great collaboration with MASTERS EXPO and Yves Gijrath, I think that is really great and I am really proud of that. on.'

This year's theme is The Magical Edition, what is a truly magical moment for you to drink a Scotch Whiskey with?

 'I think that is a very nice question, because I really love magic anyway and that is really what Scotch whiskey is for me, because most of the magic lies in the flavor development, composition and flavor spectrum of the drink. We cannot always trace back the magic that is created by different flavor combinations and how exactly it is put together, which is super intriguing. That's why I like Scottish single malt whiskey so much. By the way, I love magic anyway and that is why I asked Victor Mids to give a nice presentation here at the stand. In terms of moment, a Scotch Whiskey is of course delicious as an aperitif or digestif and then you can really enjoy the smell and taste. I remember years ago coming home after a tasting, it was 01 a.m. and I poured myself a glass of Laphroaig whiskey and I enjoyed the smell so much that within a second it was 2:XNUMX a.m.… And that it really wasn't the tasting, haha.'

We're told you have a secret room... What exactly is that?

 'That's right! We have a secret room here at the fair and hardly anyone knows where it is... but if someone looks at me sweetly then that person can go in, haha. We serve great whiskeys there. We also have two other secret rooms in The Krasnapolsky Hotel and in The Botanic Sanctuary in Antwerp, for which you must be invited by the director of the hotel or you must be a customer of Scotch Whiskey International and a member of Scotch Whiskey. Investors Club.'

MASTER EXPO – The Magical Edition

Scotch Whiskey Investments is the world's largest asset manager in Scottish single malt whisky, active since 2007 and registered in the AFM register since 2014. They currently manage approximately 270 million euros in unique and scarce Scottish single malt whiskey on behalf of their clients. Exclusive whiskey is made with barley distillate, copper, oak and time. The scarcity factor then takes over as a driver of value growth. As an investor you can step in somewhere in that process. At what point? They will be happy to tell you more about this at their stand hall 12, at stand number 270. You can also admire the new MO ÒR collection here. Buy your tickets here.