Generous gift: Oscars goodie bag amounts to 100,000

While the winners of a coveted Oscar are most likely enjoying themselves, MASTERS takes a closer look at the generous goodie bag. Value? Just over a ton. Nice consolation prize, in case you missed…

On Sunday, March 10, the crème de la crème of Hollywood gathered again at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles for the Oscars ceremony. Oppenheimer triumphs. The film about the development of the atomic bomb received no fewer than seven awards, including best film, director and actor. The awards shower also had a Dutch touch: cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema was honored with a golden statue for his excellent camera work.

In 1989, goodie bags were introduced at the Oscars. Originally intended as a token of appreciation for the presenters and as an enticement to welcome the nominees. However, in 2006 the tax authorities decided to intervene. Recipients could count on a rate of 37% on the value of the bag. The organization behind the Oscars therefore decided to stop here immediately, so as not to saddle their guests with the extra costs. The stars didn't have to wait long for the 'free' presents. Marketing company Distinctive Assets saw its opportunity and took on the task of filling the bags for the A-listers.

From Rubik's Cube to retreat

This year the value of the bag is estimated at around € 117 thousand. If you, as a Hollywood star, do not take home an award, you will be rewarded with the gift bag as a nominee in the 'Directing' category and the four categories for best acting performances. Although the value this year is still on the modest side compared to previous years... In 2020 the bag had a value of € 200.000.

This year the most expensive addition is a trip of over €45 to the Swiss Alps. In addition, recipients can look forward to a full line of Miage skin care products, a microneedling treatment worth almost €10, a real wine refrigerator for 45 bottles, chocolates, a holistic wellness retreat at Golden Door California, a three-day overnight stay at Saint Barth and… A Rubik's Cube. Right, yes.