You will find everything there: peace, space, entertainment, comfort, service, star food... Everything that makes a sun trip complete. Maxx Royal Kemer Resort & Spa is the holy grail for the discerning holidaymaker. We are moving to a new world where we can slowly make beautiful travel plans again. Text: Bart-Jan Brouwer
Image: Mical JosephSurrounded by two paradisiacal bays, with a total of four hundred meters of silky soft private beach, in the shelter of proud pine trees, Maxx Royal Kemer Resort & Spa guarantees the ideal sun & sea holiday. The resort located on the Turkish Riviera offers something for everyone. Families with many children feel most comfortable on Middle Bay Beach; those who are looking for peace and quiet in the decor dominated by turquoise and snow white, spread out their bath towel on Silence Beach; the more sports-driven beachgoer is particularly at home on Tangerine Beach, where all kinds of water sports challenges are offered, from paddle boarding to surfing.

Award-winning architecture

But Maxx Royal Kemer Resort & Spa offers more than sun & sea with capital Z. The architecture can be written with a capital A. The starting point for the complete resort are the four elements: water, fire, earth and air. These can be found in every space, from restaurants to surrounding gardens, in every corner and every detail, such as the quadrangular perfume box in the bathroom. And throughout the resort, the surrounding natural wealth of Maxx Royal Kemer Resort & Spa is reflected in the architecture. Even the mountain goats feel at ease here: they sometimes stroll quietly among the guests in the afternoon. During the World Architecture Festival, Maxx Royal Kemer Resort & Spa was even awarded The Best Architectural Design award. The furnishings are also of an award-winning standard. It can be described as chic, authentic and comfortable. For example, the Maxx Laguna Suites have a private terrace with jacuzzi and direct access to the swimming pool. And the Royal Beach Villas are characterized by sea views, a private swimming pool, a garden, two jacuzzis (one on the terrace and one in the master bedroom), a sauna, steam bath, direct access to the beach and a private cabana on the beach.

Flavors from all corners of the world

Food & entertainment also starts with a capital letter here. When you think of 'all-inclusive' you quickly think of cheap and plentiful, of buffets to which hordes of greedy tourists flock en masse. Maxx Royal Kemer Resort & Spa has upgraded the concept: the Ultra All Inclusive concept offers personal service in the most beautiful designer restaurants, where acrobats, singers, dancers and musicians of world fame provide extra entertainment during the gastronomic spectacle. There is so much choice in restaurants that you can turn every evening into an exciting culinary experience.

A selection from the extensive range: in Azure 24, as the name suggests, you can enjoy an extensive à la carte menu 24 hours a day; Restaurants' Street represents flavors from all corners of the world, from street food to sushi to pizza; Azure Italia excels in Mediterranean cuisine; Azure Fish serves the most exquisite seafood; Azure Turk introduces you to local dishes; fine-dining restaurant Bronze Steak House is the place to eat for meat lovers; Azure Japanese Restaurant brings together oriental flavors in a feast for the palates; and in Gastro by Alfredo Russo – from the chef of the same name at the famous star restaurant Dolce Stil Novo in Turin – you can eat the freshest handmade pasta, vegetables and fish and meat dishes according to the motto 'Elegantly Simple, Simply Elegant'. The resort also has a beach restaurant, a children's restaurant and eleven bars with the most tropical cocktails and cooling drinks. For lovers of fine sweets, there is an ice cream shop with handmade ice cream and flavors from Mövenpick, a patisserie and a chocolatier, where you can find the tastiest truffles, pralines and local sweets. After all the lavish food, you just want some entertainment? In the Black Diamond nightclub, beautifully situated on the cliff, holidaymakers can surrender to the rhythm of the music. Maxx Royal Resorts offers free cancellation rights for 2020 up to three days before check-in thanks to the holiday insurance. This offer applies to 2021 holidays booked before July 31, 2020.