Louwman Exclusive shows new Italian beauty

Put on your sunglasses, wind through your hair and listen to the roar of Maserati's latest creation: the GranCabrio. According to Louwman Exclusive, this Italian beauty guarantees a ride full of luxury, comfort and style, without making any concessions to performance and sportiness. Speaking of la dolce vita…

Maserati's latest convertible is entirely made in Italy and follows in the footsteps of the GranTurismo. In addition, the perfect companion for long journeys due to its mix of elegant design and practical functionality.

The soft top is available in five colors. Due to the fabric, it takes up minimal space when it is automatically stored in the luggage compartment at the simple touch of a button. A process that takes just 14 seconds and can even be carried out while driving at speeds of up to 50 km/h. The car brand from Modena itself strongly recommends the latter: 'The elegance of the Maserati GranCabrio can be perceived and appreciated even better when the soft top is open and the roar of the engine is all-encompassing'. The authentic Italian style and driving pleasure can be shared; There is room for four passengers on board.

Not just for Italian sun

Fortunately, not only the Italian sun was taken into account. The GranCabrio comes standard with an innovative neck warmer to heat the neck of the driver and passenger at three different intensity levels. 

At launch, the Maserati GranCabrio is available in the Trofeo version. This variant is powered by a Nettuno six-cylinder petrol engine, a 3,0-litre twin-turbo with 542 hp that forms the unmistakable growling heart of the top models of the Maserati model range. The car also boasts a high level of infotainment and driver assistance systems in terms of technology, to guarantee safety and entertainment behind the wheel of a car that makes no compromises...  

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