Jewelry brand Choices by DL launches new collection

Choices by DL is continuously working to translate the latest trends and developments into beautiful jewelry for the modern woman. The jewelry brand now presents her latest collection.Text: Patrick Stoffer
Image: Choices by DLThe new collection consists of four jewels, with the typical casual yet chic Choices by DL appearance. The Classic Medium Double ring, the Classic Right ring & bracelet and the Oval Large Double ring are the jewels that have now been launched. The new items can be effortlessly adapted and combined with stones and jewelery from the existing collection.

View the new collection here.

Choices by DL

For Choices by DL, it's all about why you should settle for a single piece when there is so much choice. This refreshing, unique and patented concept is a creation of Debora Huisman-Leeser, the fourth generation in a professional diamond dealers and jewelers line. She decided that it was outdated to have to choose one style. It's all about flexibility. The power of Choices by DL lies in the accessibility of the jewelry line, which allows the personal jewelry wardrobe – the 'jewelery wardrobe in a box' – to be mixed and matched with the chosen outfit of that moment. A simple system makes it possible to adjust the jewelry and change it in a fraction of a second, without having to make any concessions to quality or design.