Ibiza Estates Development: “We cover risks and ensure that 'mañana, mañana' is just today”

Edwin Jansen is co-founder of Ibiza Estates Development, part of Ibiza Estates. He has more than made his mark as a developer in the Netherlands. He has also been visiting Ibiza for 25 years - as a admirer of this Spanish island and for four years now also as a real estate developer. Everything comes together in Ibiza Estates Development: his Dutch hands-on mentality, love for Ibiza and instinct for real estate opportunities.

“Ibiza remains extremely popular,” says Edwin. “Logical: you will find bustle and tranquility, luxury and basics, magic and down-to-earthness. But if you are looking for new construction on this island, as a private individual you will soon discover that one thing is missing: clarity. This is reflected in uncertainty surrounding contract work, legislation and regulations, responsibilities, planning and communication. This causes headaches and extra costs for most private individuals. Not to mention delays in planning. We prevent this with our 'well-organized Dutch way'.”

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Covering risks

The team moves quickly – in Dutch – and acts as an account and project manager and sounding board throughout the process. “From signing contracts and translating them, to selecting the window frames, for example. We color every detail together. We make purchasing a new-build home in Ibiza what it should be: a party. We cover risks and ensure that 'mañana, mañana' is just today.”

Ibiza Estate Development searches for and buys land and determines the framework for construction, based on the style and vibe of the area. “But also based on experience. For example, we know what the most ideal place for a swimming pool is, especially with kids.” The permit is then applied for. “This approach saves the buyer a lot of time. From that moment on, we can shape the rest together, based on taste and budget. We make the entire process transparent and manageable. Let's be honest: buying a new-build home can be exciting, but above all it should be fun.”

As part of Ibiza Estates, Ibiza Estates Development not only offers exclusive guidance in the development of a new-build home, but also careful aftercare.

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