Hongqi presents first SUV from China

The Chinese car brand Hongqi is setting foot in the Netherlands with a stunning model: the fully electric Hongqi E-HS9. The brand is also known as the Rolls-Royce of China and is expected to hit Dutch roads at the end of 2022. The model can be admired exclusively at MASTERS EXPO.

Hongqi is part of the Chinese company FAW Group and is one of the oldest and most prominent car brands in China, which was founded in 1958.

This brand new SUV is already well-known on Chinese and Norwegian roads, but will soon also enrich the Dutch street scene. It is not surprising that the model resembles a Rolls-Royce. The E-HS9 is a design by car designer Giles Taylor, Former Rolls-Royce design boss.

Red flag

This Hongqi has been specially developed to transport you in style. The model has a strikingly high front, with an impressive grille with vertical cooling openings and a light signature that makes it immediately recognizable. The E-HS9 has striking headlights, a line of LED lighting along the grille and vertical indicators that accentuate the lines of the grille. Fun fact: the red LED lighting on the hood is a reference to the brand name. Hongqi means 'red flag'.

The E-HS9 makes just as an imposing impression at the rear as it does at the front. It has linked taillights consisting of multiple lines of LED and the brake lights contain a unique LED pattern. This gives a multi-dimensional and playful effect. With its length of 5,2 meters, width of 2,01 meters and height of 1,73 meters, it is a large car.

Second house

The inside is also impressive. There are three connected screens spanning the entire width of the dashboard, behind a continuous glass plate. The leftmost screen naturally shows the most relevant information for the driver, such as speed and range. The center screen is for the navigation and media infotainment system. The rightmost screen is ideal for the co-driver: you can play films and photos on it, which provides top-notch entertainment. With royal seats, air suspension and beautiful finishes and materials, this will be your second home.

The Hongqi is expected to be delivered at the end of 2022 through the brand's exclusive dealer: Star


From December 8 to 12, entrepreneurs will meet in the Amsterdam RAI, where approximately four hundred special (family) businesses from almost twenty different industries come together. Curious about the Hongqi E-HS9? Buy here your tickets and visit Hongqi at stand number 1370 in hall 10.