Smart self-cleaning technology from GROHE

Experience the new form of personal hygiene and comfort with the GROHE shower toilet. Research shows that cleaning with warm water is much more hygienic than toilet paper. That is why more and more people are opting for a toilet with a shower function. MASTERS COMPANY GROHE responds cleverly to this and introduces the innovative GROHE Sensia Arena shower toilet.Text: Patrick Stoffer
Image: GROHE

What is a shower toilet?

The shower toilet, also known as a Japanese toilet, combines the advantages of a toilet and a bidet. The GROHE Sensia Arena shower toilet contains two separate shower arms, the perfect replacement for toilet paper. By combining the best of a toilet and a bidet and adding extra functions, this sleek shower toilet will change your daily cleaning ritual forever. This technologically advanced toilet has two separate nozzles whose position, intensity and temperature can be changed. You can also opt for a pulsating spray or massage spray and a warm air dryer. A visit to the toilet becomes pleasant with features for extra comfort, such as a lid and seat that open and close automatically or the powerful flush that cleans the entire bowl.

Intelligent Care

GROHE wants to take the next step by improving the daily ritual. A new and revolutionary product category, the GROHE shower toilet. The technology and design of the GROHE shower toilet cares for and cleanses your body during one of the most personal moments. It gives a new dimension to well-being and cleaning after every toilet use.


The most natural cleaning agent is water. It is not only good for the skin, but also effective. That is why people have been using water for cleansing for a long time. In many cultures, cleaning with water after going to the toilet is as common as washing your hands. Today, interest in hygiene and personal care is growing. As a result, shower toilets are becoming increasingly popular. The GROHE Sensia Arena provides gentle, natural cleaning with just water.

The GROHE Sensia Arena uses the expertise of GROHE's parent company, LIXIL, the experts in shower toilets in Japan. You can determine the strength of the water jet from the two shower arms. You can also adjust the temperature and position for a perfect, personal and comfortable experience. Additional features of the Sensia Arena that provide ultimate comfort are the automatic opening and closing of the lid, odor extraction and night lighting.


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