Artist Corine van Voorbergen focuses on the idea of ​​eternal movement through her minimalist round art forms. Her works – which evoke a certain feeling through her use of color, depth and texture – are constructed with layers of different materials, including acrylic paint and epoxy. Text: Larissa Schaule Jullens
Image: Prisma Compositional

Connected By A Kiss

“A kiss is a fragile and powerful thing and has many meanings and reasons. I see it as a way of seeking connection, a recognition of the other. With this object I seek to represent this subtle action that has a contradictory and powerful effect. In this work I have chosen different, soft and full shades of brown that remind me of the different types of coffee. The round shapes are recognizable in all my works. This piece is one of the first works where I moved more towards sculpture work, where my preference for round and material use of brass creates a clear connection with my other objects. Brass is an extremely interesting material for me. It oxidizes and changes color as time passes. The brass I use is hand-worked and has imperfections, just like life.”


Captured movement collection
“Chemical processes have always fascinated me. In this work I created colors by influencing humidity, temperature and using different metal pigments. The different colors visible are different stages of oxidation. By using this technique I look for a playing field between manipulation and chance. The outcome is a surprise to me beyond the factors I determine. Each piece made with this technique is unique in every way. A recorded movement. Ultimately, I provide my works with a shiny and reflective layer of epoxy resin that, for me, on the one hand represents the interpretation of the viewer and his/her environment and on the other hand gives volume and depth to the colors.”

Two Kinds of People

Monochrome collection
“In the monochrome collection I work from a concept that I can implement in different sizes. To maintain exclusivity I only make one per size. This collection is recognizable by the frequent use of one color and its gradations. In the piece Two Kinds of People I have made a visual translation of the idea that there are two types of people: the people who see the day or night coming. I want to invite the viewer to wonder what movement they see. Like most of my works, this one is surrounded by a brass ring. I have these rings made in Marrakesh where they are known for their excellent craftsmanship in working with this material. For me, the use of these edges symbolizes the stage for my objects: a golden embrace of color and structure.”
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