Christmas is exactly one month away. No fancy dinner parties outdoors, but do it yourself cooking at home. To stimulate creativity, MASTERS selects a starter, main and dessert especially for the holidays with instructions from renowned star chefs. Text: Larissa Schaule Jullens
Image: Recipes from Top Chefs


Star chef Jos Grootscholten cooks the stars of heaven The Parcel in Capelle aan den Ijssel. His starter is the perfect kick-off to an excellent Christmas dinner. A sea bream tartare with chopped avocado, fermented tomato, radish and grapefruit. A light starter in which all flavor elements reinforce each other. Serve this dish with a glass of Viognier and voilá.

View here the extensive cooking video with instructions.

Main Course

The main course of Gert Blom and Jan van Dobben – the former and current Patron Cuisiner of star restaurant Amarone in Rotterdam – is guaranteed to be a hit. A tender Anjou pigeon with parsnip cream, grilled parsnips, blueberry coullis and a slightly spicy coffee gravy is an excellent and special dish for the holidays. It may take some time, focus and discipline, but the end result is impressive. Combine this main course with a glass of full Bordeaux.

View here the extensive cooking video with instructions.


The last course is certainly no less important than the previous dishes. Time to really go all out with something special, including dessert. Star chef Wouter van Laarhoven from restaurant De Molen in Kaatsheuvel has absolutely done justice to the term. This mille feuille of dark chocolate, orange balls and sugar ocal with olive oil is not only a pleasure for the eyes, it is also surprisingly tasty. The combination of savory and sweet will be talked about for a long time. This goes perfectly with a glass of Barberani Moscato.

View here the extensive cooking video with instructions.