Innovative architects all over the world are pushing the boundaries of residential architecture. From an invisible mirror house in rural Slovenia to a snake-shaped apartment complex in Mexico, MASTERS lists some of the most bizarre houses.Online editor: Natasha Hendriks

The Sand Dollar House

A significant piece of modern architecture, the house was completed in 1979 with a mix of steel and gunite and was inspired by sand dollars. The spherical home consists of 2240 square feet and offers three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The spacious kitchen runs over the water, while a beautiful custom-made staircase leads to the heart of the home. Many of the rooms open onto patios and hanging decks, which slope gently down to the water. The home, which was built in Texas, has scenic views of Lake Travis from almost every room. Photo: Compass

A House to Die In

Photo: Snøhetta

Snake House

The architectural wonder and surrounding sculpture garden, just above Mexico City, is the work of architect Javier Senosiain. It is built on rugged terrain, and there was an ancient cave on the site that reminded Javier of a snake's mouth. So he started by creating a spiral concrete structure to complete the snake. Ten apartments have been created in this very unique home. Photo: Airbnb

The Cloud House

From the street the property may look like a normal house, but head to the rear and you'll find a fantastic, cloud-shaped extension that transforms the house from a traditional building into a quirky, dreamy space. Designed by McBride architects Charles Ryan, the interior of the property is also far from ordinary. The focal point of the home is the vibrant red kitchen, which is offset by warm wood paneling. The walls curve around, enveloping the unusual space and creating a cozy, contemporary atmosphere.Photo: McBride Charles Ryan

Casa Invisibile

This 'invisible' house in Slovenia blends seamlessly into the snowy rural landscape and was designed by Austrian studio Delugan Meissl Associated Architects. At night the house is even more spectacular when the edges of the property fade into the dark sky and shooting stars reflect on the house. Photo: Delugan Meissl Associated Architects