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Luxury is all in the experience, as these three travel highlights prove. From super fast to miles high. Every year we collect the ultimate bucket list trips that you must experience at least once. This time: 3 winter highlights. Text: Bart-Jan Brouwer and Susan Poeder
Image: John van Helvert and Jeff Bartlett

Scenic flight over Greenland

Via the hamlet of Kangerlussuaq, on the southwest coast of Greenland, a bumpy road leads directly to the ice cap: a landscape of white dunes, glittering in the sun, with playfully winding rivers and clear blue mini-lakes. When you walk there, you feel like you are a dot on a large white sheet. You feel small and great at the same time. It is a special experience to walk around this ice world. Something you have to experience, and can still experience now.

Fifteen years ago the road reached the ice. Now you have to trudge through three hundred meters of rubble to reach the ice cap. So much has melted away in recent years. If all the ice on Greenland melts, scientific research shows, the sea level will rise by seven meters. No dikes and dunes can cope with that. You cannot imagine the size of the ice sheet: the cap is almost 2.400 kilometers long from north to south, 1.100 kilometers at its widest and on average 2.135 meters thick. You will gain a better insight into the vastness of this ice mass when you take a flight over the area with an Air Zafari plane. Everywhere you look: ice. An immense white plain. So as long as it lasts.

Fat tire biking in Jasper National Park Canada

Ever up black diamond en double black diamond skied the slopes? You can find these colors in the Marmot Basin ski area in Canada. Hidden between the mountain peaks of the Rocky Mountains and close to the authentic village of Jasper in the province of Alberta you will find this versatile ski area. The biggest difference compared to Europe is the quality of the snow. The chance that you will end up in slush here at the end of the day is virtually zero. The climate is subarctic, the air is dry, it never rains: it makes sense that you are here powder snow have. Which also lends itself well to: fat tire biking, one of the fastest growing winter activities in Canada, for which special trails have been set out. Top off this unique experience with a stay at the prestigious Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge located on Lac Beauvert, with a view of the Rockies from every room.Image: Jeff Bartlett

Arctic adventure McLaren in Lapland

In the middle of winter, McLaren organizes the Pure McLaren Arctic Experience. 320 miles above the Arctic Circle, you can test your driving skills on ice and snow in a McLaren. More than a hundred kilometers of frozen tracks have been prepared for this purpose, providing one of the most varied ice experiences in the world. In addition to drifting on the ice, there is time for a dog sled ride, crazy snowmobile rides and spotting the Northern Lights.