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Do you want to wake up with birds chirping, see the deer walking past the window, have 18 holes within reach, and feel like a lord/lady of a castle? Hidden in nature, between dunes and greenery, you will find the most delightful hideaways in the country. These are the most beautiful Country Hotels of the moment.Text: Ivo Weyel
Editorial staff: Robine Talboom

Waking up on the coast

Do you want to wake up on the coast, walk through characteristic Zeeland villages and relax on the beach while the dune grass gently sways around you in the wind? Then is Duinhotel Tien Torens the perfect place in Zoutelande. Spend the night luxuriously in a quiet dune pan without feeling guilty about anything, because the brand new hotel is completely eco-friendly, sustainable and natural. The best option is the enormous Penthouse Panoramic Suite of over 200 square meters with the same area of ​​private terraces, a private sauna, elevator stop and even a private dune path.

With a lot of personal attention

Parc Broekhuizen dates from 1792 and is located in the Utrechtse Heuvelrug National Park. Over 100 square kilometers in size, so how rural do you want it to be? Modern design reigns supreme in the spacious rooms (no. 204 is LXRY's favorite, with panoramic views and modern
four-poster bed right in front of the window, but if you want a private terrace, it is best to choose number 207) and in the fantastic restaurant under the auspices of Jacob Jan Boerma (three Michelin stars).

In the middle of the Frisian countryside

The WeidumerHout is located in the middle of the Frisian countryside, has ten detached rooms in modern cube construction, surrounded by endless grasslands with a view of the horizon. Book quickly if an Eleven Cities Tour is taking place, because the hotel is located on the Zwette, over which the tour races.