Luxury comes in different shapes and sizes. And colours: matte black, rose gold and nowadays increasingly green. Sustainable cars, eco lodges, ethical gold... Three tips for living a luxurious yet responsible life.

Lightyear One

Beautiful name for a car: Lightyear One. A car that runs on solar energy. A Dutch-made car, too, from Helmond of all places. Moreover, a beautifully streamlined car, sculpted in a super wind tunnel line. The first will be on the road next year. It costs € 120.000 excl. VAT and you are already too late for the first round, because the first hundred copies have already been sold. Started as a startup, the company received a 2,5 million subsidy and is further financed by private investors (you can still register). It now employs more than a hundred employees. Go Helmond!

Ronald van der Kemp's fashion

Ronald van der Kemp won the prestigious Grand Seigneur fashion prize this year, but hey, do you still need that when Kanye West calls you and says: 'You are the future of fashion!' He worked as a designer for Guy Laroche, Bill Blass, Michael Kors and Barneys, among others, before founding his own couture label RVDK in 2014, the first couture brand that works exclusively with leftovers, waste, old fabrics, used materials and otherwise 100 percent environmentally friendly stuff. Michelle Obama wears his clothes, as do Lady Gaga, Mabel, Kate Moss, Mary J. Blige and Sheikha Moza of Qatar. Everything is 100 percent Made in Holland. Ronald is a modest, nice boy. That too.


Sometimes a factory is better for nature than nature itself. For example in the case of diamonds. Nowadays there are lab grown diamonds (also called man-made, or factory diamond), which are created under pressure exactly as in nature. Albeit within a few weeks instead of after millions of years in the ground. They are 100 percent real (so not synthetic) and can only be distinguished from natural diamonds with special machines. Belgian Madestones is one of the selected in the 'Ecoluxe' category from the LXRY List 2020. And certainly not without reason, because the green diamond producer recently won the award for Ethical Jewelery of the Year.

The Madestones x Royal Wings (seen in the top photo) is the big winner for the award. 70 lab-grown diamonds (DF color quality and VS quality) form this classic tennis bracelet with some modern influences. The bracelet was developed in collaboration with the Italian brand Royal Wings. The award was presented by Professional Jeweler at the end of December.